These are 4 of the 6 new LE duochrome highlighters from BECCA. They’re $4 less than their regular highlighters but they’re also smaller (same size as the blushes and poured highlighters). 

My first impression is…. McMeh. I mean they’re pretty, don’t get me wrong but I was expecting more. I think maybe CHAMPAGNE POP ruined Becca for me. Because it was amazing and that’s the standard that I hold them to now. And for me the last few releases that I bought from them weren’t anywhere near that level.

I feel like we’ve seen these colors a million times over. Especially the pink and gold. Ever since Pat McGrath came out with those two highlighters, every single brand has released something similar. The green and blue are slightly more unique but I guarantee if you scroll down my page a bit, you could easily find at least three dupes for both from indie brands. I mean maybe if the formula was spectacular I could recommend them. Not to say that formula is bad but I don’t find them to be any better than the dupes that have been around for way longer and cost a fraction of the price.

I did swatch Bellini in store and I really liked it (they sent me pearl instead by mistake) but it’s sold out online. Becca’s packaging never disappoints and these compacts are lovely but I don’t think I can justify paying $34 for a pretty compact when you could get a comparable product for $12 from LOOXI, DEVINAH, BEC, VV etc. 
I’m going to crawl back under my bridge now and get back to eating billy goats. Get it?? Because I’m a miserable old troll. Sorry guys! Gotta keep it trill tho

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  1. I’m nearly sold on these because it looks like they’re silicone-free, which is difficult to manage in a smoother product.


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