I bought another friggin Too Faced palette. You don’t have to yell at me, I already hate myself. In case you’re new here, the last three TF palettes that I bought were horrific. I made a solemn vow to myself that after the PB&HONEY palette, I was done. Quitting cold turkey. No more TF palettes and yet here I am only a few months later. I talked myself out of buying it twice but I’m weak. Sigh.

Annnnnnd we have swatches! I haven’t used this on my eyeballs yet as I just got it yesterday. So these are the first impressions that I got from doing the swatches. Let me start by saying if you’re going to get this palette, you’ve got to go into it knowing that you’ll have to use a glitter glue first. I didn’t even attempt using it without one. I used my trusty LIT COSMETICS GLITTER BASE and shader brushes. I also didn’t bother messing with the ‘bases’ provided in the palette. As far as I can tell, they’re a black and white eyeshadow. They’ll definitely alter the appearance of the colors but you’ll still need to put down a tacky base before applying the glitter shadow. 

The formula is very similar to the MOONDUST SHADOWS. So they’ve got a base color and tons of microglitter. And most of the colors are extremely similar to ones in the UD line. So basically this isn’t some revolutionary formula, imo. That being said, I like them! I like this type of formula and the colors are pretty af. The three lighter shades are going to look much better layered over other colors since their base colors are sheer. The darker shades look nice on their own.

Also in comparison to the UD palette, this one is a better value. The MOONDUST palette is $49 for 8 shadows that are .02oz. The TF palette also has 8 shadows but they’re double the size (.04oz) plus it has the two base shades and it’s $4 less.

If you already have the Moondust palette, you probably don’t need GLITTER BOMB. But as long as you don’t mind using glitter glue, I would recommend this palette. Next post will be a comparison of this palette to the UD shadows. 

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