Jouer Cosmetics Skinny Dip and Tan Lines highlighter swatches

This product was purchased and the link is affiliate based. 
Jouer cosmetics has been dropping amazing highlighter after the other. My favorites so far have been Citrine and the ice one. Omg make that a big size!! Anyway I got these when they released via BEAUTYLISH (LINK HERE TO SHOP!)

Left: TAN LINES, right: SKINNY DIP. 

TAN LINES: this is a medium dark bronze shade that’s subdued when blended as the sparkles aren’t so metallic and provides instead a toasty tanned look. 

SKINNY DIP is a bright gold metallic tan shade that pairs well with an actual tan or if you’re blessed with a darker skin tone. Fair broads might find this too dark. Loving how they brought this around summer for those that either tan or get darker or finally as a nod to the melanined crew. 

Did you get these? 

What’s your fav Jouer highlighter? 

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