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We recently started working with Beauty Bakerie and they were sweet enough to send us a few products to review for you guys! And even better than that, they also gave our followers a discount code BEAUTYCULT which will save you 10%.

For the past few days, I’ve been testing out their first eyeshadow palette called, NEAPOLITAN EYESCREAM. It’s cardboard palette with a decent sized mirror. It has 12 eyeshadows and retails for $38. The eyeshadow pans look small but they must be deep since they have .1 oz/  2.8g of product each. The palette has a nice mix of finishes and a color selection that will flatter most skin tones. And the quality is REALLY nice! I always dread swatching matte eyeshadows because so many good ones just don’t swatch well. I end up having to mess with primer and it’s pain in the ass. So I’m always pleasantly surprised when I come across mattes that swatch great on bare skin and these really did! Alright let’s break down these swatches….

CHOCOLATE CHIP is white champagne with silver glitter. It’s the only shade in the palette that I found to inconsistent as far as quality. It has nice color pay off but the texture is a bit powdery. 

I SCREAM is a pinky beige with a satin finish.

POWDERED SUGAR is a metallic coppery gold with microglitter.

VANILLA BEAN is a light pinky taupe with a satin finish.

WAFER is soft khaki color with a hint of sheen.

PISTACHIO is medium metallic copper. It’s fairly similar to POWDER SUGAR. POWDER SUGAR is lighter and glittery. PISTACHIO is deeper and more orange. 

DRIVE-THRU is a medium dark mahogany brown. It’s creamy to the touch with excellent pigmentation and blendability.

SLICED ALMONDS is the jewel of the palette for me. It’s deep berry matte and it’s ridiculously smooth and rich.

STRAWBERRY is another great matte. It’s a bright orange with buildable pigmentation making it a perfect transition shade for a lot of complexions. I always pack my swatches on with a shader brush for maximum color pay off but with a blending brush and a gentle hand, STRAWBERRY is wearable and flattering.

COCOA POWDER is a metallic taupe.

U SCREAM is deep brown matte. This is another color that gives me a lot of trouble so U SCREAM was a nice surprise. Great pigmentation, smooth application, minimal fall out. I’ll choose a color like this over black 90% of the time because it’s dramatic without being harsh. 

SUNDAE FUNDAY is beautiful, warm medium brown with subtle yellow undertones. 

Okay. So the constructive criticism… the weirdest thing about this palette to me was the names. I love the ice cream theme but they didn’t match the names to the colors and it’s a little disconcerting. When I was labeling the swatch pic, I had to keep double checking myself. Okay. Yes, the white is called ‘chocolate chip’. Not a big deal but still worth mentioning. I thought that POWDERED SUGAR and PISTACHIO and VANILLA BEAN and COCOA POWDER were a little too alike to be in the same palette. Also the colors in this palette aren’t anything we’ve never seen before. And as I already mentioned, I thought CHOCOLATE CHIP was a little powdery. But honestly I’m being nit picky because overall it’s a great palette. You guys know by now that I’m a ‘glass is half empty’ type of gal so if I really have to rack my brain for constructive criticism, that’s saying something.

And the positives… the packaging is adorable! It’s affordable, especially considering the amount of product that you get. A typical pan in an eyeshadow palette is .02-.05oz and these are .1oz. I love that they made an effort to make a palette that’s universally flattering. BEAUTY BAKERIE is a black owned business and they cater to women of color but this palette works really well on my snowflake skin too. I also like the color selection. The overall scheme is warm neutral but they incorporated color in a subtle way with hints of plum, olive, orange and taupe. There’s also a nice mix of finishes: mattes, shimmers, satins and metallics. The formula of the shimmers impressed me but the mattes knocked my socks off! I hope they do an all matte palette next because these are some of the best I’ve come across in awhile. You could create numerous looks using just this palette, making it ideal for travel. 

I’m really enjoying this palette and I feel confident in recommending it to you guys! And don’t forget to use the code BEAUTYCULT to save 10% at Beauty Bakerie, we’ve been told that it’s the only active promo code at this time. Hopefully I’ll be able to review more from their line soon!

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