Illamasqua Beyond Powders (aka Baked Highlighters) in Deity and OMG: swatches and rant!

I bought these myself and some links and alternatives might be affiliates.

The New Illamasqua highlighters for spring dropped a few weeks ago and since they now ship directly to the US I was a happy clam to shell the unfortunate $46 for these (Angela is going to kill me). If you don’t give two cents about my opinion and only want to see swatches and buy, scroll to the end for the pics and you can find these at Illamasqua directly HERE.

First off Illamasqua is a cruelty free brand that was available at Sephora for a while and a few years ago stopped being available in the US altogether. Recently they started shipping to the US which was exciting as I recall loving their nail polishes and shadow quads.

The Beyond Powders are baked highlighters and at $46 they pose a pretty penny to shell, the new shades DEITY and OMG are duochome shades that shift in the light with iridescence and a white base, sounds familiar? of course it does because every indie cosmetics we have reviewed has made these types shades already but hey, can’t hate the player, what I can hate is myself for paying $46 for each of these.

DEITY is a green gold shimmer highlighter and it was the best performing of the two, the shift was not over the top and it could possibly be wearable even as its a green because of how slight the pigmentation is. I was disappointed on the dryness of the product but this one is still somewhat wearable but not excusable at the $46 pricetag.  Similar shades: Devinah Cosmetics “COSMA”, Looxi Beauty “STILETTO”.

OMG is a peach gold highlighter and this is where the rage hit because it would be nearly impossible to return and it totally sucked. It was dry, it barely applied even as I used a multitude of brushes to pick up any product, ended up with my fingers and that even so was not getting enough product to make a difference on my face. Similar  (and better) shades: SauceBox Cosmetics “FESTIVAL LOVE” and “PHOENIX KISS” and Beauty Escape “REFINED DELIGHT”.  We have some affil and non affil discount codes for all these alternatives and Ill list them below, you don’t have to use them but save yourself some money by buying local.








  1. I also used to love Illamasqua, once upon a time! When they stopped being carried here and they launched the collection with the nail polish “Melange”…omg let’s just say Melange will forever be “the one that got away” for me!!! **tears** so beautiful. Seriously look that shit up if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I still desperately want that polish. ANYWAY, tangent sorry. Bummer about these highlighters and WTF with the price tag?!! At least you made the swatches look good!


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