Clarisonic “Sonic” foundation brush review

This product is a press sample and links may be affiliates, opinions are as always our own.

The Clarisonic Sonic brush was sent to me along with a brand new MIA 2 – I already am a fan of Clarisonic but had stopped using it for a bit when my skin turned hyper sensitive and I opted instead for mild forms of exfoliation while it recuperated from pregnancy imbalances. This new MIA 2 replaced my old one and Hubs inherited that one; Hubs used to not be into taking care of his skin until he met me and my obsession for aging gracefully, he’s since incorporated small items and steps to his manscaping ways, included but not limited actually washing his face with something other than Gojo.

I was hesitant to try a brush for foundation that actually had a motor but I am glad I gave it a try and Im going to list the various things that it also worked with. This my friends is a jack of all trades. The first time I used it was in my stories and I actually thought you needed to use it just like you did a regular clarisonic (By scrubbing my face with it – don’t judge me, I can be dense sometimes) turns out you don’t even need to apply pressure – so I reapplied following the instructions for the best results I have had without the use of a sponge.

How to use this: you put some foundation on your face and proceed to gently apply the brush on its lowest speed all over your mug, moving in circular motions and singing the song “Despacito” while you do it. The results are an almost airbrushed mug of a face that will have you staring at the brush like “Bruh: you did that?”. I also noted the brush didn’t absorb a ridiculous amount of foundation so its less wasteful than a sponge.

I LIKED IT! so I obvi proceeded to try it with other products: ColourPop’s Super Shock blush: YES! passed the test but instead of applying with my fingers onto the cheek, I gently tapped the brush against the blush and proceeded to apply what looked like the most delicate veil of blush – this did all the blending for me which is a serious offense in Blush technique and with Super Shock Cheek formula there is a common consensus on the lack of brushes that work, leaving us using our fingers. The brush didn’t perform as well picking up Super Shock Highlighters and instead picked up mostly the sparkles of it.

CONCEALER!: I use Tarte’s Shape Tape and this blended that as well, seamlessly.

overall: totes recommend! the only thing I have to say is that it’s annoying to have to apply the foundation to your face (say with your fingers if you are using liquid) or with yet another brush,  it does however, pair well with stick foundations like Anastasias…

will you pick this up? have you tried it??


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