The following products were sent as press samples. We’re not otherwise affiliate with Rani Cosmetics.

I recently got the opportunity to try some products from a new indie brand, Rani Cosmetics. The brand was created by beauty blogger and YouTuber, Eshani Patel. The following is a little background info taken directly from their website:

What is “Rani”?

Pronounced “rah-nee”, “Rani” means The Queen in the traditional Indian language. Rani Cosmetics was born from the idea that each and every person should feel like royalty.

Our Mission

Our goal is to turn makeup application from a morning chore to an enjoyable experience. We want every person to apply their tube of lipstick feeling confident and empowered. Although makeup cannot change the world, a confident person can. With Rani Cosmetics, we want everyone to experience the royalty of color!

About Our Products

Rani Cosmetics makes the most luxurious formulas with the highest quality ingredients, all made in the USA. All of our products are cruelty-free and completely vegan.

For the brand’s first launch, they released six sparkly lipsticks that are absolutely beautiful! They retail for $18 each or you can purchase all six for $99.

You can tell how much thought went into every detail of these lipsticks. This has got to be some of the most beautiful packaging that I’ve ever seen. They have a very ‘high end’ vibe to me.

Even the labels on the bottom coordinate with the color of the lipstick.

You can clearly see the sparkle when you look at the tubes and it shows up beautifully on the lips but I couldn’t get it to show up in swatches for the life of me. But let’s look at my attempts anyway and talk about each shade while we’re at it!

Here’s all six side by side.

SYRUP is deep rose with gold shimmer and a subtle rose scent. 

Latte is rosy brown with blue shimmer and a chai scent. 

TATTOO is Rani’s take on nude. It’s a rosy sienna with pink shimmer and a caramel scent. 

BINDI is blue based red with red and gold shimmer and a strawberry scent. 

ECLIPSE is a coconut scented deep purple with red and pink shimmer.

LASSI is a bright red orange with gold shimmer and a mango scent. 

And one more look at them side by side. These lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous! They’re like glitter lips for grown ups. Their scents are very mild but pleasant and the color is buildable. One pass will give you a hint of color or you can layer to full opacity.  I found that I got the best application when I lined my lips first. They do have a bit of texture which took a little getting used to for me since I’ve never worn a lipstick like these. My favorites are definitely Tattoo and Lassi! Overall I’m very impressed with every aspect of these lipsticks. They’re a refreshing change from the matte liquid lipsticks that are popular right now. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to review them and I recommend giving them a try if you love to sparkle!


  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know, there is no such thing as “the Indian language.” Rani means “queen” in Hindi, which is one of the 55 or so languages spoken in India and is the official language of India.


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