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This is my first ‘Theory’ palette from Viseart. I have two of their full sized palettes but both are all matte so this my first experience with their shimmers. First let me tell you a little bit about the Theory palettes. They have a small mirror and a unique design that folds into an easel.

 The palettes are compact with very little wasted space, which I really appreciate. Each palette has six removable pans and a mixture of shimmer and matte finishes. Each pan is 2g/ .07oz for a total weight of 12g/ .42oz, exactly half the size of their classic 12 pan palettes. So even though they’re tiny palettes, you’re getting a good amount of product.  

The Amethyst palette has three shimmers and three mattes.

Since I have green eyes, I love wearing purple eye makeup and as we all know, purples are notoriously hard to formulate. As a result I’m always on a quest to find the best purples, especially mattes and I’ve got to say… this palette delivered!
Since the shadows don’t have names, I’m just going to go in order of the swatches. As I mentioned at the beginning, these are my first Viseart shimmers and I wasn’t disappointed. They’re magnificent! So creamy, rich and smooth. The pigmentation is excellent and they’re long wearing and flattering. A lot of creamy shadows have a tendency to crease but not these.

The first color is pink pearl.

The second is a lavender taupe. This one is especially beautiful and satiny to the touch.

The last shimmer is a deep amethyst. Mostly any brand can manage to make a decent shimmer but deep purples like this are tricky. This one is just as pigmented and smooth as the other shimmers. 

What I like about the Viseart mattes is that they’re not too hard or soft. Hard mattes are patchy and often have poor pigmentation. Soft mattes usually swatch and apply nicely but they have a lot of fall out and often fade quickly. The Viseart mattes are the best of both worlds. Great pigmentation, smooth application, long wear time and minimal fall out. 

The first matte is deep aubergine. This is basically the most difficult eyeshadow color in existence… and this one is PHENOMENAL! First the color itself is the perfect marriage of burgundy and eggplant. It has high color pay off and doesn’t skip on the eyelids. 
The second matte is medium dusty plum. I like it because it’s neutral and plays nicely with warm and cool tones. 

The last shadow is a light rosy mauve and a beautiful transition color.

As you’ve probably surmised, I really like this palette.  I love the design and the well thought out color selection and the quality is on par with what I’ve grown to expect from Viseart. It’s a definite must have for purple lovers!

Available at MUSE BEAUTY and SEPHORA.


  1. So pretty. I love purples and those mattes are so opaque. My favourite is the 2nd matte, “dusty plum”, but would be curious to see what the “deep aubergine” looked like. The first palette I’m saving up for from Viseart is the Dark Matte. Fell in love, but I’m poor. lol.


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