The following products were sent as press samples. The discount code mentioned is affiliate based.


This week HER MANNERISMS released eight new pigments. These are huge 20g jars that will last you forever! They’re $18.99 but the code BEAUTYCULT will save you 15% bringing the price down to around $16.   I’ve swatched most, if not all, of their other pigments here.

JUICY is a vibrant apple green.

TANGY is a fluorescent orange.

PRIMA DONNA is a magenta with a blue shift. 

KINETIC is an electric blue.

My top pics from this set are TANGY and PRIMA DONNA.

VIGOROUS is a deep royal purple.

PHANTOM is a blackened bronze.

KNIGHT is a gunmetal gray.

CLEVER is an icy blue.

I think these pigments are a good value (around $16 with code BEAUTYCULT) but the huge size can be a positive or negative. I’d definitely recommend splitting these babies with a friend.  

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