The following products were sent as press samples. The discount code mentioned is affiliate based.



These ‘frosting’ pigments were released a few months ago and I just realized that I never posted the swatches. Whoops.

Before you question the price let me tell you guys… these are the biggest jars of product you’ve ever seen. You could swim in them. They’re 20g! Twenty. Grams. Huge!  And with the discount, they’re around $16 each and they do free US shipping. So they are a good value compared to some other loose pigments (assuming that it’s a product that you know that you’ll use a lot). These are white based loose pigments that reflect different colors. They’re a good alternative to some of the popular highlighter/ eyeshadow palettes we’ve been seeing so much of and in this case I think the large size is a benefit because you can do a lot with them. Obviously you can use them on your eyes and as a highlighters. But you can also mix them in with body lotion or hair products. I’ve even seen people use products like this on their nails but I’m not talented enough to attempt something like that. In theory, I’ve always liked the idea of mixing an iridescent pigment with lotion for a subtle shimmer on my shoulders or legs but I’ve never done it before because pigments are expensive and the jars are usually tiny. But now that I’ve got these huge jars, once the weather turns warm… it’s on!

Over bare skin

White base

Black base 

I think the names are pretty self explanatory. There’s a gold, green, blue, violet and red. The top row of swatches are the product only. In the middle row they’re layered over a black base and in the bottom row over a white base. You can get creative and layer them over different colors or mix them together. My favorite colors are the green and blue but all five are pretty.
These are colors that we’ve seen before but the large size and great price (around 80 cents per gram) allow  you to experiment with them without fear of ‘wasting product’. I think they’re pretty cool and I’m excited to play around with them! 

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