Tada! My entire NABLA COSMETICS eyeshadow collection as of now! Recently I received an extremely generous PR package from them. Some of these eyeshadows were included in that package and some I already owned. I’m going to be reviewing a variety of their products in the next few weeks. I started last week with their liquid lipsticks because they’re new. And after this I’ll be working on their blushes, contour powders and highlighters. NABLA is based in Italy but they have lightening fast international shipping for a very reasonable price.

Their eyeshadow refills are mostly €6.50 (approx $7 USD) but there are several that cost a little more. These are larger pans (I want to say 29mm but I’m not positive) and they contain 2.5g/ .09oz of product. They’re cruelty free and vegan and formulated without parabens and mineral oil. 

This first set of eyeshadows are all €6.50 ($7) for the refills. They’re also available in compacts for €7.90 ($9ish)
DAPHNE N°2 is a bright burgundy

CLEO is a true gold

SNOW BERRY is a satin dusty rose. It’s similar to MAC GIRLIE

LUDWIG has a deep bronze base with bright copper reflects. 

LAZY DAYS is a sparkly peach with a foiled finish.

I like all five of these but I think LUDWIG is the most unique. I don’t think I own anything else exactly like it.

These next five are also all €6.50 (approx $7) for the refills.
FROZEN is a pure platinum silver. 

BABYLON is a deep blue green with a satiny finish. 

ABSINTHE is a blue brown type color but it’s base seems to have some pink. It also has some green and purple shift to it. 

CHEMICAL BOND is a pewter. It’s in between bronze and dark silver with pink undertones. 

ZOE is a light iridescent lime green and aqua duochrome. 

The formula of these shadows is on the dense side but not as creamy as, for example, the MUG foiled shadows. They’re more firmly pressed but they still apply nicely with brushes. And once again, I like all five. I especially love ABSINTHE and ZOE but I think I’ll use CHEMICAL BOND the most. FROZEN and BABYLON are beautiful as well. 

These are my NABLA mattes! They have two different types of matte eyeshadows. The vast majority are ‘SOFT MATTES’. They cost €6.50 (approx $7 USD) and as the name would suggest, they’re soft to the touch and super blendable. With their most recent collection, they released a brand new formula called ‘SUPER MATTE’. These differ from the soft mattes in that their texture is super creamy and they have a higher level of pigmentation. They cost a little more (€7.90, approx $8.75 USD) and as of now there’s only two, PAPRIKA and RADIKAL, but hopefully they’ll release more in future collections. Maybe it’s just me but I think you can almost tell from looking at the swatches that PAPRIKA and RADIKAL have textures that are a bit more creamy.
CARAMEL is soft, warm brown with yellow undertones

PAPRIKA is a warm terracotta orange.

RADIKAL is a rich army green.
CIRCLE is a dusty mauve.

MIMESIS is a deep eggplant.  Any time a deep burgundy or purple swatches smoothly the way MIMESIS did, I’m a little amazed. 

I haven’t used RADIKAL yet but I tried PAPRIKA yesterday to test the formula. The main difference that I noticed is the pigmentation. I was very conscious about using a light hand because the color pay off was noticeably more intense. I’m super impressed with these mattes and eventually I want to buy the rest. 

These five are also €6.50.
JUNO is a deep burgundy with purple undertones. It’s so rich and creamy and the pigmentation is fantastic.

LILAC WONDER is a blue based lavender. UD and MUG both have similar shades as well as some of my indies.

GROUND STATE is a smoky plum. 
CATTLEYA is a bright magenta. MUG MASQUERADE is similar but CATTLEYA has better color pay off, IMO.

CALYPSO is a light purple with a silvery sheen. I think that JOHNNY CONCERT has a color that’s somewhat similar. 

Favorites… def GROUND STATE. I love plum tones like this. JUNO MOON is really dope too. And CALYPSO. I like LILAC WONDER a lot too but it’s dupeable. CATTLEYA also has a few dupes but it has really excellent pigmentation and that color has a tendency to be difficult. 

If you decide to order from Nabla, make sure that you get at least one of their ‘CELESTIAL’ finish eyeshadows. That’s what these are and they’re beautiful. They only have a few of them, I think there’s two others besides these four but hopefully they’ll release more soon.  They cost a little more than their other shadows, €9.90 (around $11) but I think they’re well worth it.

DANAE is a sparkly golden bronze.
SELFISH is a blackened purple with a teal shift. 

SENSUELLE is a delicate baby pink with golden champagne reflects

WATER DREAM is a beige color with silver sparkle.

I’d compare them to the UD MOONDUST shadows. They’re super glittery and have almost a wet look. SENSUELLE and WATER DREAM are on the sheer side so they’d be ideal as lid toppers.  When you consider that the MOONDUST shadows are $20 for half the product, I think $11 is very reasonable.

Last one! These five are €6.50 as well. I had a difficult time photographing this set. You’ll have to take my word for it, they’re much prettier in person.  

LUNA is a bright pink champagne with a satiny finish. 

MELLOW is a taupey bronze with pink undertones.
MADREPERLA is a light gray with a strong pink shift. The combination of pink and gray give it a lavender effect. MUG MOOD RING is similar.

PEGASUS has a cool lavender base with a greenish gold shift. 

SUGAR is a light peachy pink with gold shimmer. It’s similar to SENSUELLE but more opaque and not glittery.

Out of these 30ish shadows my top recommendations are any of CELESTIAL or SUPER MATTE formulas due to their unique nature. Specifically I’d also recommend LUDWIG, JUNO MOON, SNOW BERRY, ABSINTHE, MADREPERLA, PEGASUS and SUGAR. Honestly there’s not a dud in the bunch so its going to come down to personal preference. They have a lot of other shadows in addition to these that I hope to acquire soon!

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