POPSUGAR is a $39 a month subscription box for women that includes beauty products, accessories, homeware, snacks and lifestyle products. I’ve gotten this box for years and I still look forward to receiving it every month. As I mention every time I write this review, mostly anything that I won’t personally use can be used as a gift for one of the women in my life. This month was pretty good. Much better than March and April! Here’s what we got…

TOCCA VOYAGE MONTAUK CANDLE in SALT AIR CUCUMBER ($20)- I love cucumber scented stuff during the summer. This candle smells fresh and delicious. However it’s only 3oz and charging $20 for a candle that small should be criminal. But I only paid $40 the whole box so I’ll enjoy it guilt free!

LIPSTICK QUEEN in MORNING SUNSHINE ($25)- this is my first item from LIPSTICK QUEEN. The packaging is darling but I was a bit taken aback when I pulled off the cap… yellow? Really? Stupid me. I didn’t know that it was a ‘magical’ lipstick. I swear that it says magical in the description. It’s supposed to apply coral but on me it has very little color. It’s more like a berry tinted lip balm. Great to toss in the purse… but you’re on some other shit if you think I’m paying $25 for lip balm.

They also included this promo code for 15% off.

SWING DESIGN ESSEX SILVER PLATE FRAME ($13) – this looks pretty but feels quite flimsy. Probably why it’s $13. But I’ll still use it or gift it sooner or later.

SAMANTHA FAYE INSPIRATIONAL CUFF ($60)- hands down my fav item of the month! It’s a delicate silver cuff inscribed with ‘be good • do good • feel good’. The phrase ‘be good’ really pisses me off for some reason. It feels condescending or something. But I’m cool with do good and feel good. And I love the style of the bracelet. But now I want like 4.

SOUTHERN CULTURE STRAWBERRY CREAM MUFFIN MIX ($8)- this looks interesting. I love trying the different foods they include in these boxes. 

NICELY NOTED CARD COLLECTION ($17.50)- the theme of this month is ‘liking the item.. looking at the price… liking the item less’. I like having cards around for thank you’s, birthdays etc. And these cards are very simple, light weight, 5×7 cards that are blank on the inside. Fine. Great. Perfect. Whaaaa… they’re $6 each??! Fuck you Nicely Noted Card Collection. Unless you’ve got a gun, you’re not robbing me.

Finally they included another promo code for a men’s sub box. I dunno… I don’t see my husband ever signing up for the ‘Gentleman’s Box’. I think that’s more of a woman thing. 

POPSUGAR is $39 a month and this month’s value was almost $145. I’m cool with every item they included. The picture frame was a little meh but still useful. And I’ll use and enjoy every other item. I just wouldn’t pay those retail prices. But honestly it wouldn’t be an AMT review if I didn’t find something to bitch about. Still waiting to get IPSY and SEPHORA!


  1. I bought a trio of lipstick queen from Ulta a few weeks ago because they seemed interesting. But they were all berry glosses. I don’t get it?


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