Sephora VIB Sale Haul!

Purchased items – links are affiliate based.


The only reason why this sale did not get ripped and torn on 10 was cause I was away and came back with one day left to do some appropriate damage but damage was done indeed! what did you get tho>>??? comment and let me know cause Im always trying new things and Im curious on all these new products Sephora now brought out


To the haul!:

Tweezerman Pink Perfection 15x Lighted Magnifying Mirror: this was $30 !!! I thought it was larger and its barely the size of a small bowl – plus 15x is quite augmented and I have to get really close to properly use it. I think I could’ve done well with a 10x and for $20 less.  This was my fault because I never read dimensions and just got excited by the possibility of doing my brows in a zoomed environment.

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Instant Wipeout Pore-cleansing Masks : $32 – This is a repurchase and a happy one at that – these come 5 little patches that you activate by pressing on the capsule of product they come in and soaking them before opening the packet. you leave them on for 10min and afterwards its cleansed your pores or made it extremely easy to clean. I am hooked and this is my second box.

Shiseido Facial Cotton: $10 and another repurchase. I have sensitive skin and regular wipes irritate me so instead I get cotton pads and apply makeup remover with them. These come 165 pads that are quite large that I only need 1 to take off my makeup and they don’t fall apart like regular cotton pads do.

Sachajuan Silver Conditioner $33 : I have read a lot of reviews on this brand and since I lightened my hair considerably I switched my shampoo to a purple one for highlighted hair to prevent it from getting brassy. Haven’t tried it yet cause Im super gross and haven’t washed my hair yet lols.

La Mer Crème de la Mer $85 every time theres a sale I get at least one high ticket item to make the sale worth it for me, I have tried another one of their creams (the moisturizing soft cream) but this is much thicker and so far I used it last night and liked it for nighttime as its much more rich. Also cause In my head Im feeling all bougie cause I’m using some expensive ass creme lol.. Ill update with a review later after Ive used this enough.

what you get? what are you keeping? what are you returning?

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