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Hear ye! Hear ye! The DEVINAH COSMETICS matte swatch fest has officially commenced! She currently has 34 matte eyeshadows and over the course of this post we’re going to look at all of them!

In my opinion all of her mattes have great color pay off but in general I like the brights and dark shades better than her few pastels which have a tendency to sheer out when blended.
These five are perfection and I highly recommend all of them!

BAMBI is medium warm brown.
CRIXUS is a medium brown with strong olive undertones.

COURTNEY is a mixture of green, yellow and brown. It’s that perfect pea soup color that we all love.
ANASTASIA is a light orange with yellow undertones. This is my favorite of the set. It’s the perfect warm transition color that reminds me a lot of MUG CHICKADEE.

CAPRI is a pale matte yellow. I also really love CAPRI. This is what I wanted the yellow in the TF HONEY PALETTE to be like.

And there you have it, chapter one of the mattes! These are definitely some of my favorites out of the whole line.

Continuing on to the DEVINAH COSMETICS greens! A good matte green can be really hard to find and these aren’t shades that you see everyday. Alright let’s talk color… JADED is dark matte teal

ENVY is a light forest green.

VIRIDIAN is a medium spring green. I don’t think I’ve seen another color exactly like it.

MIRANDA is seafoam green.

These are some really nice smooth mattes. MIRANDA is a little on the powdery size but it still has nice color pay off. I think some of these might be potential dupes for the ANDROGYNY palette but I don’t have it so I can’t say for sure.

Next up from the DEVINAH COSMETICS matte department… the blues!!

NAVAL is deep navy.

CANDY is a bright, rich electric blue.
SEPPIA is a medium gray with blue undertones.

FENELLA is soft pastel blue.

VERITY is bright baby blue.

I have hardly any matte blues so I don’t have much to compare these with but I think they’re damn good! Especially NAVAL and CANDY! VERITY is a little on the powdery side (what do you expect from a powder blue matte?) but the pigmentation is really nice. Just use a gentle hand so it doesn’t sheer out too much.

Next up from the DEVINAH COSMETICS mattes: the smoky edition!

GRUNGE is a soft matte black.

INFAMY is a deep gunmetal gray.

ETHEREAL is a medium gray with soft purply (is that a word?) mauve undertones.

GAIA is a light matte gray with subtle blue undertones.
BLOW is pure white like a fresh pile of cocain- snow. I meant snow. A fresh pile of snow.

I tend to shy away from the traditional smoky eye looks in favor of warmer tones but I’ve got to say ETHEREAL is my jam. Those mauvey undertones will really flatter green and hazel eyes. Also GLOOM is really nice. It’s a soft black so it’s not harsh upon first application but it has good pigmentation so you can easily build the intensity. BLOW has nice color pay off too but it is on the powdery side.

I was going to save these for last because they’re my favorite group of DEVINAH mattes but I suck at delaying gratification so fuck it! I love these colors and I think that you definitely need all of them. But if you HAD to choose one then I’d say go for LUCRETIA.

It’s the perfect mixture of burgundy and brick and I could wear it every day. I don’t really have a second favorite. I like the other four pretty equally. SURA and NAEVIA are beautiful transition colors.

ILITHYIA (middle swatch) is pure red and I don’t think that I have anything else exactly like it.

MANIC is gorgeous dark brown with great pigmentation and it blends very nicely. I feel like a lot of dark browns can be patchy.

I know that I say this every time but these are some of my favorites. I always gravitate to purple eye makeup even though purples mattes are notoriously difficult. And these guys are pretty damn good!

My favorites are VIXEN and NEMESIS.

And I just got PUSH so I haven’t gotten to use it but based on how it swatched, I think that I’ll be getting a lot of use out of that one too.

Alright guys! Last set!
ADORN is a dark brown with subtle eggplant undertones.

PASSION is my very favorite out of all of her mattes. It’s a red brown but it also has mauve undertones so it pairs nicely with warm or cool colors.

PENELOPE is a medium peachy pink and a perfect transition color on medium skin tones.

PANDORA is a dusty mauve.

PROMISE is a pale pinky mauve.
Like I said, PASSION is my favorite and an absolute must have. I also love PENELOPE and PANDORA.
Once again, the DEVINAH mattes are $5 each but you can use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 20% bringing the price down to $4 each. For the most part I find her formulas to be consistent so as with all makeup, I think favorites are going to be subjective. That being said, I feel confident in recommending PASSION and LUCRETIA. They’re fantastic and I feel like everyone will enjoy them. Get ready for a lot more posts like this. DEVINAH is making new products faster than I can swatch them!


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