LIT COSMETICS stash swatch Part 2: Blues, teals, greens, coppers, and others

The following are press samples and the discount is affiliate based.


We are now entering the murky waters of green glitters!!! after black, green and red are my favorite colors all around so Im excited to show you these and drool over the ocean toned shades. The rest are shades in the copper or metallic families that ended up not falling into another category


SOUL SISTER: this is a dark green based glitter with gold, forest green and a few specks of orange

PEACOCK is your bright teal shade and in this size you need very little to get full coverage.

MOTHER EARTH is a bright blue with green glitter, imagine watching earth from a satellite?

SPRING FLING: this is a silver with sage green, it also has a few scarce violet and periwinkle tones – spring in a bottle.

MIAMI VICE: this teal has a stronger violet presence and the teals themselves vary in shade.

GO GOLF: this is a celadon green with yellow gold specks.

Behold more pictures and angles of them for your delightment and mermaid dreams:



Now the second part:

RHINESTONE COWBOY this is a party shade, its got green, red, blue and violet specks.. screams carnaval.

JOY: this is a rose gold with mauve and rose specks

OPRAH is a bright copper shade, resembling a new shiny penny.

RAINBOW RIDE: for some reason I left this out of my peach tones – sowy boys and gals. This peachy shade has violet, teal and gold.

THEODORA: this is a pretty purple with blue specks

FESTIVE: this is a burgundy with gold and a few plum accents here and there. a must for the holidays.

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also: more pics because reasons

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