Fleur De Sante skincare products

I got these products from Fleur De Sante for free via @octoly for review, but my opinion is unbiased as per usual.

Skincare is a delicate subject for me, I have very sensitive skin and a lot of things irritate me therefore I test skincare items  for months at a time before I can give my go ahead – I am super late with this review and probably the brand is super mad at me for taking forever, but I rather thoroughly test something first. FIRST OF: this company is relatively new to my knowledge and they are actually a lab that works with sweetish and french components, sounded super pinky up so of course I dove head on.

Left to right: CREME DE NUIT: this is a night cream and rightfully so it is heavy in consistency, it is more emollient than a regular lotion as its meant for overnight replenishing of your moisture, it has a faint lavender smell that I loved. I liked it, I feel overnight it gave my usually dry skin a dose of moisture so I didn’t wake up so dry, it also gave me a certain “tightness”.

CREME GLOBALE ANTI AGE: this is more meant as a day cream as its lighter in weight, I hate reviewing anything anti age because you basically cannot get results overnight or even after a few weeks, its been almost two months and I don’t look 21 but personally I didn’t like the scent – it was almost chemical.

SERUM HIDRATANT: this actually really worked, and serums are another product tricky to review, but in this case I found the serum help lock the moisture in and felt cooling to my skin which was a welcome effect in the mornings. Overall I would recomend the night cream and the serum – I don’t think I will be continuing the use of the anti age cream as the scent was off-putting.

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