The following items were sent as press samples. The discount code mentioned is affiliate based.


Starting out with 5 of the 6 new DRENCHED POWDERS from LOVE LUXE! I kept FREE SPIRIT (the tri-colored one) separate since it’s different than the others. See our previous posts for swatches of the original 6 shades released a few months ago.
The DRENCHED POWDERS are super dense and creamy foiled eyeshadows/  highlighters. The pigmentation on these guys is insane! Now I will say that GYPSY and GREAT VIBES were difficult to apply with a brush so if you hate using your fingers to apply makeup then I’d pass on those two. 

The other three swatched fine with stiff flat brush but you will get the best application with your fingers. My nails are short and I sanitize my makeup all the time so it’s not a concern for me but I know a lot of you guys don’t like that. Just an fyi, I sanitize powder cosmetics with beautysoclean. You can buy it from beautylish. Also a spray bottle with 91% alcohol works too. 

Moving on! These are some of the most pigmented shadows I’ve ever used. I feel like I could just barely tap my index finger on the pan and still pick up enough product to cover both eyes. And the colors are soooooo saturated and vibrant! 

These are probably my favorite LOVE LUXE products out of her whole line. But again, if you hate using your fingers to apply makeup then these probably aren’t for you. 


 I think (but I’m not positive) that FREE SPIRIT is a mixture of GYPSY, GREAT VIBES and BOHEMIAN with a little bit of gold mixed in.

You could easily use the three main colors separately or you could mix them all together. 

FREE SPIRIT is $2 more than others but you’re getting 3 colors in one pan. This might be a nice option if you want to try the formula before going ham and buying the whole line. 

These next items are her new ARTIST glitters. They’re $7 and come in 7.6g tubes with the exception of UNICORN WISH which comes in a 5g jar and is $8.

Glitters are not approved by the fda for use on the eyes. I use fine glitters on my eyes all the time with the assistance of a glitter glue but do as I say and not as I do.

These are cosmetic glitters meaning that they’re made of some type of plastic, in this case polyester.

Craft glitters are much less expensive because they’re made of metal. They should never be used on the eyes because they could scratch your cornea.

These first three are all holographic with a variety of different shapes and textures. 

Even though they’re polyester, I wouldn’t recommend using these three on your eyes because of how big they are. I’d use them for body art etc.

There’s also an ARTIST GLITTER SET where you can get smaller 2.8g tubes of the artist glitters (all shown except UNICORN WISHES) for $12.

SUN, the gold glitter shown, has larger pieces like the first three.

But NEPTUNE and JUPITER are more fine and I’d feel comfortable using them on my face.

I hope that you guys check out the DRENCHED POWDERS. The formula is very unique and the pigmentation is out of this world!

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