Looxi Beauty New “Bronzed Bombshell” Collection: Swatches and discount code

The following products are press samples and the code is affiliate based.


I cannot lie to you when I say summer isn’t my favorite, I don’t do well with the blazing sun, I now live in the mountains where it’s a beautiful 80 degrees at the most during the summer.. My favorite season is Fall but whenever my skin gets a bit of color and I get to wear bronzey shades that enhance it – I gotta say: the beach bum in me comes out to play and reminisce of the old times when I lived in a beach town permanently attired with a tank top and shorts.. vitamin D makes us happy (fact) hence everyone has a little pep in their walk during the summer wether they like the season or not.. So Looxi Beauty’s new collection brought out that feeling of toasty skin tones and I imagined the scent of coconut suntan lotion and italian ices in the air while I swatched (let me dream).

The collection drops this Friday April 28th and contains 2 highlighters and 7 shadows, you can get a bundle of all the shadows plus either one of the highlighters from the collection for $40 ($36 with our affil code BEAUTYCULT10 WHICH SAVES YOU 10%)

First: the highlighters/Blushes in Cheeky and Coco Rose are meant to be used either on the high planes of the face sheered out or as blush toppers, they are very metallic but not glittery so if you even desire to use them as shadows: do you boo.  COCO ROSE is the rosier of the two, giving that recent tanned look to your skin. CHEEKY is bronzier (browner based).

looxi 1.jpg

The Shadows are in the same family and might seem similar on the Pan but definitely swatch different:

looxi 2.jpg

Nightlife: A champagne gold

Suns Out Buns Out: a bronzey gold

Skinny Dip: a beautiful rose gold

Beach Bum: a bright light copper shade

Endless Summer: yellow bronze gold

No Tan Lines: a dark tan shade reminiscent of falling asleep in the sun and waking up toasted.

Summer Lovin: a darker copper shade

They are definitely gorgeous to look at and smooth to apply, I am playing with them now and will post some looks once I do my hair into something resembling of a human being.  Angela swatched these too so check out her swatches and stay tuned for an IG story attack of these tomorrow!

More Pics:


And a video! 

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