I’ve gotten a few requests to dupe this palette since it was limited edition and sold out quickly. I picked the closest options that I could find that were sold individually. A few of them aren’t perfect but they’re pretty close! The dupes are from MAKEUP GEEK, COLOURPOP, ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS and STROBE COSMETICS. We have a non-affiliate discount code with STROBE: TANNER which is good for 20% off.

STROBE COSMETICS THE COUNTESS ($6.50) vs CROWN- CROWN is a foiled white shadow with peachy reflects. THE COUNTESS is more pink but they have similar textures. KVD THUNDERSTRUCK and MUG I’M PEACHLESS are also similar but CROWN is more white. 

STROBE COSMETICS STRONGMAN ($6.50) vs ROYAL HIGHNESS- both are taupe with purple undertones. STRONGMAN is slightly more pink. MUG MESMERIZED is also similar but darker.

MAKEUP GEEK LEGEND ($10) vs YOUR MAJESTY- both are amber golds with foiled finishes. LEGEND is a shade or two darker. CITY COLOR CLEO and STROBE CEASEFIRE are also similar. 

MAKEUP GEEK CUPCAKE ($6) vs PRINCESS- both are matte pinky mauves. CUPCAKE is lighter and more pink. My second choices were COLOURPOP LABYRINTH and DREAMBOAT

MAKEUP GEEK MOROCCO ($6) vs EMPRESS- both are reddish orange mattes. MOROCCO is a little lighter and brighter. MAC RED BRICK is also similar.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS ROSETTE ($12) vs QUEEN MOTHER- both are foiled plums. ROSETTE is slightly more burgundy. My second choices was STROBE TWISTY but it was more purple

COLOURPOP ISSUES ($5) vs HEIR- HEIR is matte peachy beige. I had originally picked MUG BEACHES AND CREAM but it was too light. ISSUES is a little more peach but it’s pretty close. 

MAKEUP GEEK TAN LINES ($6) vs ROYAL PREROGATIVE- both are warm matte browns with orange undertones. TAN LINES is lighter. MUG TIKI HUT is also similar but more yellow. 

MAKEUP GEEK CURTAIN CALL ($10) vs NOBLEWOMAN- both are foiled cranberries. NOBLEWOMAN is a little brighter.

COLOURPOP GOING STEADY ($5) vs LADYSHIP- both are bright wine colored mattes. LADYSHIP is slightly more purple. 

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS RED EARTH ($12) vs DUCHESS- both are deep red browns.  DUCHESS is a little darker and RED EARTH is slightly more red.

STROBE COSMETICS GLEN COCOA ($6.50) vs DETHRONE- both are foiled dark browns. GLEN COCOA is a teeny bit darker.

There’s also a lot of similar colors in the HUDA ROSE GOLD PALETTE. I hope this helpful for you guys! I did hear that COLOURED RAINE will be selling some of these colors as singles in the future so that might be a possibility as well!


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