Beach vacation makeup: what I took, what worked and things you probably wont need…

Most of the following products were purchased, some links are affil.

First of all, I’m a fan of overpacking, of carrying everything but the kitchen sink because: what if there isn’t any there!!??!! I will completely loose my shit if I have no tweezers and someone steps on a sea urchin (its happened, and yes: I saved the day.. ok ok! it was me! but still). This time the hubs and I went to Tulum, Mexico, a boho eco chic town that celebrates minimalistic looks and relaxed no frills attitude, I left my hair curly for the week and at some point people celebrated my frizz…. i got stopped for compliments.. who knew?. I still packed quite a bunch of stuff on my ESUM Makeup Carryall  but quickly realized I was not going to use half of it so I reevaluated, removed the inner brush book and used that instead to pack everything that was going to be my kit. This below is the stuff that made the cut as a beach survival (plus a few other hair things and accessories that went unpictured, Ill explain why). This is not meant as a guide, by all means research the place you are going to and plan accordingly but I quickly realized that to a beach vacation, your makeup should work with your inevitable change in complexion tone, with the heat and humidity and with the fact that you are going away to relax and not stress on wether your brows are on fleek.

My rule of thumb is always saving sample sizes of face wash and makeup remover, mascara; take them on your vacation to save space on your luggage instead of toting a big bottle.

  1. My JBL speaker: not makeup, but it was a key ingredient to any trip in my book, I gotta have my tunes when I shower and get ready. Thats just my thing..
  2. By Terry Sun designer palette shade 3:  I did not pack any foundation. First of all I beg you to remember that even if you try to stick to the highest SPF, to stay in the shade for the most part, even walking down the road to get a taco gave me a change in my skin tone that rendered my foundations useless after day 1. I was prepared for this and for the scorching caribbean heat to melt anything and leave me in a sweaty mess, for which I prepared by packing an easy tan appropriate palette that I used to accentuate my tan and to easily pair with the lipsticks I brought.
  3. Two different face setting mists: I did not use any, I completely forgot I had them oh well. I packed Urban Decay Setting mist and Supergoop refresh setting mist with SPF 50 . They were both samples and the latter was an exciting new product I wanted to test, It kinda smelled like aftershave but it has SPF so if you have a daytime look you want to save, this is a great option. I wish I remembered.. I didn’t exactly elaborated on my makeup and Im proud of that in a weird way.
  4. Makeup Forever Excess Lash mascara: I can’t find where I got this sample from, but It was a decent mascara, until it flaked all over my eyes one hour in during dinner. I wear contacts so this is a disaster! I packed a waterproof sample but I swear MAYYYYBEEE I thought I packed it and didn’t? I ended up taking note to always just pack waterproof. These regular mascaras just leave you looking like a raccoon. Also: apparently my eyelids sweat in the Caribbean.
  5. Anastasia Clear brow gel: I am not going to front, I am happy that I have real brows because nothing like taking forever to get ready half drunk from margaritas and try to draw brows on your face. I put some brow gel and I’m out.
  6. Some no fuss jewelry that dresses you up quickly and you’re not sad to loose: I always lose stuff on vacation, in fact: I had a green bracelet when I packed, I ended up ripping into a million beads in the middle of an impromptu congo dancing at 3am… So pack some easy to combine pieces nothing too over the top, you’re on vacation! relaxxxxx!
  7. a beauty blender: I didn’t use it at all.
  8. My polarized Raybans: I will do anything to avoid wrinkles for squinting! plus they looked pimp and dressed my face. I packed like 4 pairs of glasses but these are my current favorites
  9. May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon: I am almost done with this jar and have already another awaiting for me; this is my go to for my sensitive skin: It repairs the salt and sun dryness, in case of sunburn, it soothes the skin, and Im addicted to the scent. I praise this balm with all  my might, its costly but I purchase and will repurchase it, its the one splurge I have been using for almost 2 years now and that I keep coming back to.
  10. SPF! DUHHHH!!! I packed Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer SPF30 to use through the day and a spray of Banana boat SPF50 SPORT  to use during any active watersports, or during the high sun times of the day. I still tanned even as I tried to stay away from the sun, Im happy the little color I got looks cute but Im also happy I didn’t burn and ruin my vacation.
  11. makeup remover: I had a Chanel sample I got somewhere, it worked wonders, I also took a face wash sample but I used it all and lost the bottle. It was Philosophy Purity Made Simple on the smallest version and it was just enough to last a few uses and then one day I even shaved my legs with it. Tadaa! multitasking!
  12. A Makeup forever Aqua liner : I had a small sample from a Sephora play bag and I loved it!! I think Im buying the full sized version! I did small delicate smokey wings with this that stayed all night. Its easy to blend it out and it stays during sweat, rain and salt water..
  13. Cover Fx liquid highlighter in Candlelight : I took a sample I had, but I have the full version and love it. I used this all over the high points of my face for a sun goddess look! my dudes when I tell you that liquid highlighter does wonders to a tanned complexion believe me!! I layered it with Colourpop’s FLEXITARIAN  , at night I wanted a bit more so the layering set my highlighter and made it stay longer, I also took MIGHT BE but didn’t end up using that at all.
  14. A simple go to eye palette: I took Viseart Nuance Theory Palette : this was a simple yet versatile palette that had all the shades I usually “go to” on quickie looks: golds, rose golds, white golds.. I didn’t want to look overdone in a place where almost nobody wore makeup, but a quick dusting of the golds on my lids and I was ready to hit the town. Ill be honest I used this once, loved it but it just wasn’t an eye makeup type of town.
  15. Lips: I packed a few of the new ULTRA BLOTTED LIPS because honestly they went with everything, they faded gracefully, they looked deliciously minimal and relaxed. I was going to be with hubs nonstop and as much as I love a bright red lip (which I packed anyway! lol) it wasn’t too practical to babysit a red lipstick. I packed: ZUMA, BIT OF SUNNY, DOUBLE SCOOP and OUT OF BEACH. I also packed LITTLE WEAPON (ULTRA MATTE) but didn’t use it. In the gloss department I took TOO FACED LIP INJECTION and Jouer Rose Gold lip Topper . I didn’t use a gloss at all because after you highlight your face to the gods, a glossy lip just looks overdone. 





  • Brushes: I packed  Wayne Goss brushes: the fan brush and foundation brush (it was a total bust cause I didn’t pack foundation, nor I used powder highlighter). Some Smith Cosmetics brushes for blending and lining (the liner one was key to smoke out my wing). A duo fiber brush from Mac (132 duo fiber) that I used to apply the liquid highlighter AND my ColourPop counterparts. A blush Brush (I think this was a J110 from Hakuhodo) that I used for bronzer and blush 
  • a wave spray : I didn’t use this…. at all.. if anything I only applied Moroccan Oil and hoped for the best.

Not pictured: Moroccan oil for my hair, tweezers, my own shampoo and conditioner as I now have highlighted hair so I can’t play with that, regular body lotion. THATS IT!

I think this is the first time I have used most of the stuff Ive packed and this new skin focus trend is refreshing to follow, as much as I love a done look it was a nice break for my skin to just wear minimal chic. Now, don’t ask me what I did there… lets just say: there was a lot of mezcal…


  1. Thank God I’m not the only “overpacker” when I go on vacation, or anywhere for that matter. I overpack even if I am simply going to my mom or dad’s house in MD or DE (a little less than a 2 hour drive from home, with plenty of shopping nearby) for a weekend LOL. My biggest worry is that I “might” need it. LOL The struggle is real.


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