Last subscription box of the month! Unlike my other subscription boxes POPSUGAR features a variety of products including houseware, lifestyle, accessories, food and of course beauty. It’s also my favorite subscription box (usually) because the products that I won’t use make nice gifts. POPSUGAR is $39 a month but for a limited time you can use the code CHEERS to save $20 off of your first box! If that’s expired by the time you’re reading this, the code REFER is good for $5 off. This box has the tendency to be hit or miss. Most of the time I love it but occasionally it’s terrible (like last month). This box was pretty good but not one of my favorites. Here’s what I got…

MAKERS KIT CRYSTAL SAND ART TERRARIUM KIT ($32)- this is a diy terrarium kit with sand, preserved mosses and amethyst crystals. I’m not crafty and I’ve got enough junk cluttering my life so I’m never going to use this. I also can’t think of anyone else who would want it. So that’s a bust. Below is POPSUGAR’S photo of one that’s already been built since mine isn’t coming out of the box. 

MORNING CULTURE BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD ($22)- this is a combination cutting board and serving platter. The hole can be used as a handle or to hold a bowl. I’ve got a lot of cutting boards but this one is really cute and it will be nice if I ever do any entertaining. 

NOURISH SNACKS HOLY HABANERO ($2)- roasted corn with habanero seasoning. Meh. I usually like when they include snacks but I don’t like corn. Or habanero really. Bust #2.

TONIC AUSTRALIA LAVENDER SACHETS ($15)-  these I likey! It’s two sachets filled with dried lavender which is a scent that I love. I’ve got one in my bra drawer and the other under pillow. The scent is noticeable but not overpowering.

THE COTTAGE GREENHOUSE CARROT BODY WASH ($22)- this is more of a body oil than a body wash which I love. It feels very luxurious and has a light citrusy scent. I’ve never heard of carrot oil before but it leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean. I’d never spend $22 on body wash but I’m enjoying this bottle very much. 

PRONAMEL TOOTHPASTE ($6)- Sometimes POPSUGAR includes some weird items and this is one of them. I mean I’ll use it obviously. Everyone needs toothpaste but it’s a strange item for a subscription box.

COCOLAB COCOFLOSS ($8)- seriously? First toothpaste and now dental floss? What’s next? Paper towels? Toilet paper? Actually I kinda dig this. It’s coconut oil infused dental floss which I’ve never heard of before but I really like. I would probably repurchase this brand. 

POPSUGAR is $39 a month and this month’s value is around $107. The value of this box is always over $100 and is often much higher. I won’t eat the snack but whatever. It’s only $2. And I’m a little bummed about the terrarium because I don’t know what to do with it but I’m happy about everything else that I got. And now we wait for the May boxes!

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