Lit Cosmetics – PART 1: Holographics, Pinks, Liquid Metals,Peaches: A guide and discount code

The following products were press samples and the code is an affiliate.


You need glitter. You need sparkly things in your life to make your looks pop, because nothing takes things to the next level like good old fashioned BLING. Angela already swatched hers (she has a few that are different than mine) her blog post is HERE. If you aren’t new to Lit, you can shop HERE and save 20% with our affil code: BEAUTYCULT

There are many glitters in the market but I put my faith and decided to work with Lit for their long time in the business, for the quality of their base, the extended list of shades and how multidimensional they all are; and most of all because their owner Jodie is the sweetest most helpful gal this side of the unicorn universe.

This will be a long post, and I hope you have pen and paper ready, maybe a protein bar so you don’t faint with all the shimmery stuff. There are several sizes ranging from 1 to 4 being the largest (or Chunkiest) and we will compare similarities and size differences..


Starting off with MARGARITA: Teal pink and lavender on a clear base.

BARBIE SHOPS Size 2: similar to Margarita but a stronger pink sparkle. Size 3 lets the Teal shine better

NORTHERN LIGHTS: this glitter is clear on an angle and bright violet on another angle

XRAY: I see why the name, this is that teal blue shade that your bones look like on an xray – only holographic like unicorn bonesssssss!


More pics:

Liquid Metals

These are foiling pigments that go on as a flake, but you can also layer them for a complete molten gold/silver look and they change the base pigment to give dimension.

GLISTEN SILVER FLAKE : this is a white gold champagne shade, it has silver and gold specks and it can bend to a warm shade or a cool shade depending on what you layer it under, its an absolute stunner and its what I wore on my Imats look.

GLISTEN – GOLD FLAKE: this is a molten yellow true gold shade, it was a bit hard to get an even coating but I’m told they are meant as “flakes” .. like specks of gold.

MAGNETIC: GOLD FLAKE: These are a silver base with some tinge of dirty green and gold specks. Its hard to describe this one but its almost like lizard skinned.

More pics:

And corals I should add..

SOLAR BLAST: this is an orange peach base with gold and teal sparkle.

VITAMIN C: Peach pink with pink and gold sparkle

DREAMSICLE: this is almost a burgundy with gold sparkle, very nighttime glam.

CALIFORNIA SOUL: I swatched this before as I had it in a different size and I am loving it better in a smaller size. I have found my glitter size is 2.

SHE DEVIL: it’s a hot red with fiery red, gold and some green even in there, it looks like fire glitter!! mwwhahahaha! aight I’m getting carried away.

More angles: 

PINKS, Purples.. 

ABBA: this should’ve been on the HOLO side but the base is a baby pink, i just happened to catch most of the teal and pink glitter so thats what you see here, but there

PRETTY HOT PINK: this is my jam!!! this is a barbie pink glitter that has some pigment at the base so its not entirely clear.

TANGY TAFFY: this is a magenta based glitter with specks of pink and rose gold

MODERN LOVE: is a true rose gold glitter, very fine and pretty

AFTERNOON DELIGHT: is what summers are made of. Violet glitter with teal and gold duochrome

BOOGIE WONDERLAND: you’re singing this right? purple with green pink and silver specks!

more pics! and stay tuned for part 2!

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