SEPHORA PLAY is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that exclusively features products that are sold at Sephora. Every month you’ll receive 5 samples, a perfume sample and a makeup bag. There’s usually about four different product variations. 

They also include a leaflet detailing the products.

And a card that you can redeem in store for 50 beauty insider points. 

Here’s what I got this month…

MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA XL EYE PENCIL IN BLACK ($5.25)- I have a ton of black eyeliner pencils from subscription boxes but the MUFE formula is one of the best so I can’t complain. 

SEPHORA WATERPROOF EYE MAKEUP REMOVER ($3.75)- I can never have enough makeup remover. This formula reminds me of the Lancome makeup remover. It’s effective but a little oily. Which is fine because I always wash my face after removing my eye makeup.

FRESH VITAMIN NECTAR VIBRANCY BOOSTING FACE MASK ($4.25)- I love a good face mask. This one contains fruit acids that are supposed to brighten and smooth the skin. I’ve only used it once so far and although I didn’t notice results after one use, I still enjoyed it.

SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH PRIMER ($8)- Why?!? If I were to do a thorough search of my house, I estimate that I could find approximately 27 little tubes of this damn primer. I get it all the time. Every subscription box gives it out and it’s probably Ulta’s favorite sample to include with orders. Just for funsies I might poke around and see how many of these samples I can find. Anyway. It’s an okay primer but I’ve got a lot of others that I like better.

*UPDATE- so I did a half assed search of my makeup room…

I found 15 samples of this damn primer. 15. And that was just in my makeup room. If I went into the makeup graveyard aka my guestroom where I toss all my rejects I’m sure I would’ve found more. No more Smashbox primer! Please!

DR DENNIS GROSS FERULIC + RETINOL WRINKLE RECOVERY PEEL ($11)- I was really happy to get these babies. I swear by the Dr Dennis Gross extra strength peels. I haven’t used these yet because I’m using a 28 day Lancome peel that I got from INFLUENSTER. But I’ll definitely use them when I’m finished with that. 

PINROSE SECRET GENIUS- This was a towelette instead of the usual little spray bottles. I think I prefer the bottles because you can use them 3 or 4 times instead of just once. This perfume smells like vanilla and sandalwood. It smells good but it reminds me of a fall scent. A little too heavy for me in hot weather. 

SEPHORA PLAY is $10 a month and the value of my products was around $32 which is pretty average for this box. I’m pretty happy with the products (other than the stupid primer) that I got especially the peels and mask. I guess SEPHORA PLAY will live to see another month but it’s still on the chopping block for me. Next time that I get a horrendous bag, it’s getting cancelled!

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