The following items were sent as press samples. The discount code mentioned is affiliate based.

Big news!!! We started working with a new brand… LIT COSMETICS!!! I’m so fucking pumped! I’ve been obsessed with their products for awhile now but I’ve always been a little overwhelmed by their huge selection. Hopefully I’ll be help you guys figure out which ones that you’ll like best!

We have an affiliate code with LIT that will save you 20% on their whole website: BEAUTYCULT. The company is based out of Canada so I was expecting my order to take a week or so. I ordered on a Monday afternoon and it was delivered on Wednesday morning! I’ve got 20 glitters to show you now and I’ll be ordering more soon. Also Emma ordered a bunch of different shades that she’ll be swatching as well. Let us know if there’s any particular colors you’d like to see swatched and we’ll do our best to make that happen. Alright… ready? Set? Go!
First some deets.. the LIT COSMETICS glitters are .14oz or around 4g, so they’re pretty good size. I also love the packaging. They come in little square jars with a hole in the middle which I find less messy than traditional shifters. They also come in 4 different sizes. 1 being the most fine and 4 being the largest (That’s what the numbers are under the names in the pics). 

Size #1 = Micro cut (.002 x .002) 

 Size #2 = Small Cut (.004 x .004)

        Size #3 = Medium Cut (.008 x .008) 

 Size #4 = Large Cut (.015 x .015)

Holographic = Solid glitter that reflects all primary colors
Shimmer = Translucent glitter that reflects rainbow halo
Solid = Solid color with no multi-color reflection

Em and I got some of the same colors but in different sizes. We’re going to exchange samples and then I’ll do some side by side comparisons. They are a little pricy but with the discount they come down to $12.80 and they’re good sized jars with great packaging. Alright. I’ve teased you enough… bring on the swatches!

SPRING FLING (SIZE 2) is a seafoam green with rainbow reflects

HAWAII 5-0 (3) is a pale blue with yellow green reflects. 

GO GOLF (SIZE 3) is a pale minty green with a gold shift.

X-RAY (4) is a crystal glitter with blue reflects

MIAMI VICE (2) is a teal blue with rainbow reflects

Out of this first set of five, you definitely need HAWAII 5-0, GO GOLF and X-RAY.

HELLO SUNSHINE (SIZE 2) is a crystal glitter with sunny yellow and orange reflects. 

BOOGIE WONDERLAND (SIZE 4) has a light purple base with rainbow reflects. I definitely want to get this one in a smaller size as well.

THEODORA (2) has a pinky purple with hints of blue, gold and green.

MARGARITA (3) is a clear glitter with a strong green shift.

VITAMIN C (3) is a bright orangey coral with rainbow reflects. 

Out of these five, my favorites are BOOGIE WONDERLAND, THEODORA and MARGARITA.

SOLAR BLAST (SIZE 3) is a bright pinky orange with a green to gold shift. 

TANGY TAFFY (SIZE 2) is a pinky gold with rainbow reflects

RAINBOW RIDE (3) is a pale peach with holographic reflects. 

DREAMSICLE (2) is a medium pink with an orange and gold shift. 

CALIFORNIA SOUL (3) is a bright pinky coral with a green and gold shift. 

My top recommendations from this set are TANGY TAFFY, RAINBOW RIDE and DREAMSICLE.

FESTIVE (3) is a mixture of red and gold. 

RHINESTONE COWBOY (3) is a chocolate brown with a strong rainbow shift

SOUL SISTER (3) has a bronze base with a strong green and more subtle orange shift. 

JOY (3) is described on the website as pink with copper and silver but on me it looks more like a light copper with subtle pink undertones and silver shimmer. 

OPRAH (3) is a highly reflective, almost wet looking copper.

Out of this last set, my favorites are SOUL SISTER and OPRAH.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at these gorgeous LIT COSMETICS glitters! Make sure to let us if there’s any shades in particular that you’d like to see. I’m planning on getting more soon and I’d love some recommendations!

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