Kristen Leigh Cosmetics swatches and reviews

The following was sent by the company for review, the discount code is not an affiliate.

well did you enter the giveaway yet??? There are giveaways on both our pages going on and if you want to win free swag you better get to it asap!! one of the goodies is a complete set of highlighters and shadows from Kristen Leigh Cosmetics, they are a new indie entering the realm and we are LOVING her formula.

Shade wise, we have seen shades like these before yes, but the formula is where is at. The Shadows (swatched here is Reve D’Or, One swipe of my finger) are creamy, hyper pigmented.. some next level stuff. Indies continue to kick the competition out of the curb!

REVE D’OR: A true bright gold, ove swipe had total foiled coverage. no need to wet the brush

TIPSY: a light green with gold

ROYALTY: metallic royal blue.

SERENDIPITY: violet with shifting teal specks

More pics 

The highlighters have some fallout when swatched heavily, like I did on this picture to showcase the color, but in actual real life application you only need a slight pat with a brush to achieve the iridescence that these are destined to provide, there is no glitter but the opalescence that has characterized highlighters this year.

ELECTRIC: an angelic light blue

ENVY: green with gold

GOLDDIGGER: the brightest yellow gold

PASSIONISTA: a light violet amethist

ANXIOUS: peach pink opal


I am really liking the formula she works with and cant wait to see what other goodies she churns out. She setup a discount code (not affil): BEAUTYCULT thatll give ya 10% on  your cart!.

Happy Shopping!
More pics/ 

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