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Remember a few weeks ago when I posted BEAUTY ESCAPE COSMETICS entire eyeshadow line? Well it’s taken me longer than expected but now I’m following up with her highlighters!! We’re going to start with her 6 new shades and then we’ll move on to her permanent line! 

Tada!!! All 6 of BEC’S  new releases side by side! 

MIDWAY SWIRL is mixture of blue, pink and yellow and it’s cotton candy scented. It smells delicious. All mixed together it’s a lavender color. It’s a little dark for my complexion as highlighter but it should work great skin tones medium and up.

CANDY DROP can be used as a highlighter, blush or eyeshadow. It’s a bright fuchsia pink and it has a fruity scent. I’ve been using it as a blush and I really like it, even though it’s brighter than what I’d usually go for. 

 My hands down favorite of the six is FLEUR DE LIS which means ‘flower of the Lily’ (or some shit like that). Anyway it’s super metallic and reflective and it’s been my go to highlighter for like a month. 

ERIN GO BRAGH I really like too. Here’s the thing… I love swatching the crazy color shifter highlighters but in my day to day life I don’t really use them. They’re just not wearable for me. ERIN GO BRAGH is like a white gold with the  tinest hint of a green shift. When applied lightly. If you wanna go ham then the green will be more obvious like it is in the swatch. So it’s fun but still appropriate for old hags like myself. 

 REFINED DELIGHT is my 2nd favorite. How could you not love that gorgeous cupcake stamp?? It’s vanilla scented and mostly an opalescent pink with some darker pinky taupe marbled in. It’s similar to DEVINAH OZMA. I’ve been using mostly FLEUR DE LIS with just a touch of REFINED DELIGHT and they’re perfection together. 

This one is soooooo dope! It comes in 44mm pan and has 8g of product which approximately the same amount as BECCA and ABH highlighters. As highlighter, I’d say that this will be perfect for tan to deep skin tones. Maybe medium skin tones could get away with it with a light hand. And everyone could use it as an eyeshadow quad. 

It has four colors, white with yellow gold reflects, amber gold, bronzey taupe and a fiery copper. Each section is large enough to easily accommodate an eyeshadow brush, making it easy to use the colors individually. 

Or you can mix them together, which creates a warm coppery gold. These colors are going to look ah-may-zing on blue eyes and will also bring out the honey tones in brown eyes. I love everything about this one! The concept, the colors, the formula, everything! And I also love she creates her products with all skin tones in mind. She has tons of products specifically formulated for dark skin not just 1 or 2 basic colors.

As I mentioned, my personal favorites are FLEUR DE LIS and REFINED DELIGHT but they’re all gorgeous.

These are some of my very favorite BEC highlighters! Let me rephrase that CHIMERA and PRIMA DONNA specifically are my two favorite BEC highlighters but I use them on my eyes a lot too. 

PERSEPHONE is new to me. It’s meant to be a blush or blush topper depending on your complexion. It can also be used as a highlighter as well but it would be subtle since it’s not overly shimmery. It’s a really pretty apricot pink and I love the satiny, luminous finish. And I think it gives the skin a natural flushed look.

PUMPKIN KING was originally from her Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween collection. It was so pretty and popular that she decided to make it a part of her permanent line. It has an ivory base with strong peachy copper reflects. 

CHIMERA is a pale pinky copper with tons of gold shimmer.

PRIMA DONNA is light coral pink and gold duochrome. It’s also very pretty as a blush topper.

These are her more traditional golds. The two in the middle will be appropriate for medium to tan skin tones and the first and last for lighter skin tones. GOLDEN TICKET is a pale yellow gold with teeny fleeks of multi-colored shimmer. I think that this is the first yellow gold highlighter that I’ve ever liked. Normally they make me sallow but for whatever reason (probably because it’s so light and slightly silvery) this one doesn’t make me look like I’m suffering from liver failure.

SUNFLOWER PRINCESS is also a more  yellow gold but it’s darker and warmer than GOLDEN TICKET.

RUMPELSTILTSKIN is in the gold family as well but when compared to the others, it’s much more coppery. It’s also very metallic. This one and SUNFLOWER PRINCESS are both a little too dark for me right now but come summer when I’ve got some color I think I’ll be able to use both.

BRIAR ROSE is one of my favs from BEC. It’s a light gold with strong peach undertones. It reminds me a lot of CHAMPAGNE POP. I like it because it gives me a golden glow even when I’m at my most fair. Aka right now. And it builds nicely so you can easily do a subtle or more dramatic highlight.

I tend to think of myself as a warmed toned gal at heart but then I see highlighters like these and start to question everything. FROZEN CASTLE I’ve had forever but the other three I just got. And it’s funny because like I said I’ve had FROZEN CASTLE for a long time, like the better part of a year but I never realized how dope it was until I did these swatches. Part of the problem is that I misplaced for about 6 months. Whoa. Okay. No cares. Anyway. FROZEN CASTLE is sort of a greige but it also has this blue duochrome shift that I didn’t even know about until a few days ago. It’s too dark for me to highlight with right now, I’m freakishly pale from this long winter but best believe I’ll be putting her to work once I get back to my normal NC35 tone.

GLASS SLIPPER is a shimmery lavender with a bit of a pink shift. It’s a little dark for me right now too but I used as a lid color the other day and it was gorgeous!

JACK FROST and SWAN PRINCESS are the two that I’m able to highlight with right now! JACK FROST has a light pine scent that reminds of Christmas. It’s a two toned marbled highlighter with silver and an iridescent blue. These are heavy swatches so you can clearly see the blue but when applied with a highlighter brush (on me) it shows up predominately as silver with just a hint of blue. SWAN PRINCESS is a pearly white perfect for my fellow fair girls and boys!

I love all four of these. As I mentioned the first two are dark on me right now but once I’m back to my normal light medium state, I’ll be able to make them work! And all of @beautyescapecosmetics highlighters have a phenomenal formula that I recommend 100%! 

Okay so these four… the top swatches are in low light and the bottom ones are in sunlight. The first two are more cool toned and the second two are neutral. WONDERLAND is sort of a pearlized taupey beige. It has a deeper base making appropriate for tan to dark skin tones. It also has a little hint of green to it, although you can’t tell from these pics. 

ELF QUEEN has a ‘greige’ thing going on (I hate that word) but also some pinky lavender undertones that allow me to wear it without looking like a corpse. ORGANZA is one for the fair skinned boys and girls. It’s also one of the few (possibly only?) sparkly highlighters in her line. In the sunlight the sparkle wasn’t showing up on camera which is why I included the low light photo.

FAIRIES BREATH is my new favorite. It’s gold but it’s not a super warm gold, it’s more neutral which is flattering on my complexion.  The really yellow gold ones make me look kinda sallow but this one is perfect. It’s super shiny and reflective but since it’s a neutral color it’s not too bold. Highly recommend that one for medium and lighter skin tones. 

Okay so out of the almost 30 highlighters I’ve shown you, my favorites are REFINED DELIGHT, FLEUR DE LIS, PRIMA DONNA, CHIMERA, BRIAR ROSE, FAIRIES BREATH, FROZEN CASTLE and GOLDEN TICKET. I believe these are all of the BEC highlighters that are currently for sale but I might be missing one or two. I consider BEC to be one of the best indies I’ve ever tried and I feel completely confident in recommending her products to you guys! Be sure to tag me on IG if you post any hauls or swatches. I love when you guys get products that I’ve recommended and you love them too!

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  1. These are all very beautiful. And I have to laugh everytime you refer to yourself as an “old hag” and too old to wear these, because I feel the exact same way, just 10 years older than you!! I adore and can appreciate of the cool shades of blue, green, rainbow, and everything in between – I just can’t can’t bring myself to wear them at age 45 😁 I stick to the more natural pale golds, rose golds, and other more “age appropriate” colors for hags such as us LOL.. It doesn’t stop me from drooling over them and wishing highlighters were “in” when I was in my 20s or even early to mid 30s (my mid 30s were when I was my physical best!). Thanks again for another review and great swatches! You never disappoint!! XOXO


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