Well well well… look what the cat dragged in this rainy Thursday morning… the newest addition to the GLOW KIT FAMILY, AURORA! As of right now it’s available only on Anastasia’s website but it will be available at other retailers in the coming months. 

It retails for $40 and contains 6 pans that are 4.2g each, the same as with the MOONCHILD kit. With the addition of this guy, I now own five glow kits. I believe there’s 8 or 9 in total. My least favorite out of the five that I own is MOONCHILD. Just because by the time it was released, I already owned indie dupes for every shade. The AURORA is meant to be a companion for MOONCHILD and can be used to highlight the face, eyes and body. 

Full disclosure- it’s been pouring rain all day today and these swatches would’ve really benefited from sunlight. I plan on duping this palette and possibly comparing it to its sister so hopefully the sun will be out when I do those swatches. The formula of AURORA most closely reminds me of the NICOLE GUERRIERO GLOW KIT. The texture of the highlighters is very dense, rich and creamy with a super metallic, reflective finish. And there is a good bit of glitter, although it didn’t show up very well in the photos. 

ECLIPSE has a white base with peachy pink reflects and flecks of silver and gold glitter. The most similar color I can think of off the top of my head is MUG I’M PEACHLESS. But I’m certain that I’ll be able to find other dupes as well.

LUNA is a pearly champagne with pink undertones. It has a small amount of silver sparkle. It’s similar to FOREVER YOUNG from the NICOLE GUERRIERO KIT but it’s more pink. 

SPECTRA is grayish violet with pink reflects and pink microglitter. I would only be able use this shade as an eyeshadow and I’ve got a number of possible dupes in mind. 

HELIA is an interesting color. It’s white based with yellow gold reflects, a hint of a green shift and a small amount of violet microglitter. If you mixed MARSHMALLOW from the SWEETS KIT and LUCKY CLOVER from MOONCHILD, you’d have something similar to HELIA.

ORION is a teal blue with a hint of green shimmer and silver glitter.

LYRA is a peachy tangerine with pink reflects and gold glitter.

ORION and SPECTRA are too dark for me to highlight with but I can work with the other four. Every shade in this palette has some sparkle to it but it’s subtle for the most part. ECLIPSE and LYRA looked noticeably glittery on my cheekbones. In person I could see some sparkle when I swatched the other shades as well but the glitter seemed to be more fine and less obvious. So do I recommend? Eh… it’s kinda soon to tell since I just got it today. If you like a sparkly highlight, then definitely go for it but if you’re on the fence then I’d wait until you can swatch it in a store. I think it’s really pretty but I’ll probably use it more as an eyeshadow palette. I’ve already seen several comparisons to the MOONCHILD KIT but I can do one too if you guys want. If not I’ll just find some dupes for it tomorrow. I’m sure that I can find something at least reasonably similar to every shade.


  1. Not excited about the fact that they put glitter in this palette and in like every shade no less. I’m gonna wait on it a bit I think…although I do really like the moonchild palette for the most part. Hm. Thanks for the awesome review Angela!


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