Devinah Cosmetics Haul swatches and discount code!

The following items were purchased, The palettes were sent for free; but the code is an affiliate code. Thank you for your support!

Mah Girl Deandra at Devinah Cosmetics did a mass restock last week and I went and got all these other shades that were missing from my collection so I obviously gotta show and brag so you know what to get etc. We already did a ton of swatches here on the BLOG POST HERE And also HERE and HERE . Basically if you don’t know it already we fken love Devinah’s stuff – we are affiliates (code BEAUTYCULT saves ya 20%  – no discount on the palettes) so if you do use our code we get a commission but you don’t have to – bruh: pay full price and you will still be happy with your haul.


bam! Got me them 48 pan empty palettes that had “damage” or whatever – they didn’t. They look pretty good to me and for $10 each you can’t go wrong.

Lets do thissssss! I gotta confess, when I got my haul a lot of the shades looked similar on pan but once you swatch them you find the differences, there is two that are similar even in the photographs but we will go over them as well.  I am marking my faves with an “*

The reds: 

ROUGE: this is actually a shimmery blush peach. Makes sense as ROUGE means blush in french. I don’t know how I know that.

SOLAR: this is a light Coral

BYE FELICIA*:  warm toned red, almost like the color of blood…

HOMICIDE*: Red with a gold shimmer

BLAZED*: bright red with shimmer – this one is a stunner!

SALVATORE*: its almost like the baby of the last two shades

Peach and Coppers:

TITIAN: orange copper

EMPRESS*: this is a backup, I already had this side, its a shifting peach gold with a pink peach base

VENIAL and ILLICIT: these two are similar but VENIAL is brighter, has more gold.

COAX*: satin mid toned peach

PENELOPE: Matte peach

Plums and purples

ENTICE: this had a lot of promise as a duo chrome but it didn’t shift as much for me – I didn’t layer it enough maybe? Im not into it much

DEVIUS*: me like! this is a bright wine shade with shimmer

PARAMOUR: a dark burgundy with shimmer

NODUS*: in between a burgundy and a copper

SIREN*: dark magenta

VIXEN*: bright neon matte violet – super pigmented and amazing formula! no base needed for true to color payoff.


CRIMINAL and ILLUSION: these were similar but criminal is cooler toned and brighter

MALIBU AND LIAISON: very very similar, you don’t need both but the main difference is Liaison has more plum.

MOXIE*: rose gold infused burgundy with sparkles – some fallout with the glitter so use a primer

GRIM: dark pink with shimmer.

Greens and Golds: 

CONJUR: light yellow gold – very sparkly

KITH*: light copper – very smooth to apply – one of my faves

AMBROSIA: shimmery bronze brown

UTOPIAN*: Gold shifting olive green

VIRIDIAN*: bright matte green – her matte formula is amazing!


Save 20% with our affil code BEAUTYCULT ! leave us a comment with which ones you have already from Devinah!


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