Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops swatches!

The following items were purchased, some links are affiliated, if you purchase through them we get a percentage that supports the blog meaning we get some coins to supplement somehow the fact we buy a ton of makeup we might barely use (if it sucks) with the purpose of reviewing it for you guys and letting you know wether to skip or not. The remainder monies are put into a fund for our future botox parties.

I am addicted to this crap. I swear if i don’t stop I’m going to buy stock at Cover Fx.

COVER FX Custom Enhancer Drops are available at Sephora and directly through Cover FX.

In fact – I just purchased CELESTIAL a few minutes ago, I will share those swatches eventually.

Im not going deep into each shade because Im half asleep but I had these swatches for the longest and needed to share with y’all. I use these over foundation or CC cream, with a duo fiber brush and sometimes I layer my powder highlighters over it. I like my highlighters like I like my Novelas: with a lot of DRAMAAAAA!

My favorite: SUNLIGHT – its bright and the perfect shade for my medium skin tone. My least favorite: HALO, its pretty but its streaky as hell and its not as bright once applied.

I also use the Cover Fx Illuminating Spray and  it doesn’t make any sense to photograph a swatch but it does add moisture and luminosity to my skin. I don’t know if it makes my makeup last longer because I’m boring and back home by 10pm but one of these days I’m going to party hardy and test the durability of my makeup using it.

Enjoy more swatches! I’m going to sleep now bye.

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