Rachel Zoe Box of Style Subscription Box! Review and savings!

This subscription was purchased with our own monies but the link is an affiliate, the blog receives a commission for every subscription purchased through HERE

The saving codes listed on this post are not affiliated but some of the links are.

This is my first time with this Sub and I am loving it so far! You can purchase it HERE at Rachel Zoe’s website. It costs $99.99 every season but there was a special on Gilt City than Angela found so we both purchased it at $64.99 and it included a $100 credit towards RachelZoe.com (not that it would get me a lot but still…)

First of the theme of this season was female founded companies and brands, which is an amazing empowering theme being that March was International Women’s day, I feel I empowered myself by buying myself a box of stuff I totally didn’t need but hey it was all pretty and I’ll definitely get use of.

Tribe Alive employs 150 indian artisans in three cities – doesn’t say where though as several items on their website seem to provide labor in different parts of the world, I have gotten a clutch from them before and I love it so I’m excited for this one; it does say this bag is made in Guatemala. The bag retails for $238 and its large enough for toting around goodies and has a shoulder strap. Its not big enough to double as a baby bag but that’s fine, as Dragonia gets bigger I am learning to leave her behind with my parental and babysitters regaining my independence! See: empowering!! Use code “BOXOFSTYLE” for 20% off their website valid thru May 31 2017.

The Symbology scarf: I stopped wearing scarves after college – I lose them or just get annoyed with having to keep track of it so Im stealing Ang’s idea of tying it to the bag. MwaHahaha oh and It retails for $50. Which I would’ve not paid in a normal scenario – silk or no silk, but it’s still gorgeous and maybe I can also use it to tie it to a ponytail! How French of me! Save 15% off with code “BOXOFSTYLE” valid thru May 31 2017.

The Adornmonde Ivo Earrings – these you could pick in gold or silver; I actually got this box initially because when I saw the sneak peek, I knew they would make an amazing gift for my awesome sister in law’s bday, you can separate them to wear them with or without the hoop. They retail for $62 but I don’t see myself paying more than $30 in real life – let’s be honest. Code RZLOVE20 for 20% off thorugh May 1 2017.

Tatcha rice powder has been In my skincare routine for a while, mostly getting a free sample or a travel sized bottle – I haven’t jumped the gun and gotten the full sized one at its $65 price tag – so this is a happy addition for me – this stuff exfoliates my sensitive skin gently and with summer coming around, Im getting ready for less makeup more bare skin looks.. yeah ok cakeface forever! I was checking if I could say that with a straight face!. Save 15% of a camellia cleansing oil with code “ZOEBOX17” Valid through April 30 2017.

BKR water bottle – it’s a glass bottle with a rubber casing that promotes reducing waste of plastic bottles – it costs $35… I would probably won’t buy this either on its own as I use CORKCICLE for my liquids on the go but it’s quite bourgeoisie of me to have a fancy glass bottle in a rubber casing to refill with filtered water as I’m trying to drink more water and less soda. It’s all psychological: I’ll prob drink more water this way cause I’m convinced I’m doing it while being chic… nah I’m giving this to my cousin most likely, I survive off coffee.  Code “ZOE” gets you 15% off until May 31 2017.

Butter London nail polish in the shade “Piece of cake” retails at $18 – I love this shade for the spring and even as I normally don’t paint my nails often, this shade I will definitely paint my toes with (I have to constantly clip them so I don’t scratch Dragonia, wash them so there is minimal bacteria for food handling for my family etc. so as much as I love a fresh mani, it’s just not practical for me for day to day). I see those chics with pretty long nails and I wonder how they change their kid’s diapers without getting at least a butt scratched… I truly believe that’s a skill. Anyway: Code “ZOE17” for 25% off all orders at  over $30, valid through May 1 2017 IF YOU PURCHASE AT BUTTERLONDON.COM

This season’s special sponsored item is an Stella Artois Chalice that promotes clean water in underdeveloped countries. Every purchase of this cup helps provide clean water which is a cause I can stand for. I love Stella beer already and this chalice only brought a problem in my home: hubs wants one too now.

Overall: I really liked most of this stuff, at $99.00 I think its reasonably priced for $403 worth of swag (that’s without counting the Stella Chalice which retails at $13 but it wassponsored  by the brand) and will use all of it – maybe not chalice which is already housed on his mancave.. sideeye… anyway click Here to buy



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