SEPHORA PLAY is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that exclusively features brands that are sold at Sephora. Every month you get 5 samples plus a perfume sample and a bag. In the last few months prior to March, they had been including cuter bags. This month they’re back to the basic white bag but the products are way better than usual. I’ll take the boring bag and better products any day (just in case you’re reading this and care about my opinion, Sephora). There’s usually four variations every month with slightly different products. Everyone gets a fold out leaflet detailing the products. There’s also a card that you can redeem in store for 50 beauty insider points. 

Here’s what I got this month…

GLAMGLOW GLOW STARTER MEGA ILLUMINATING MOISTURIZER in NUDE GLOW ($7)- I’ve been wanting to try this product for awhile now. It’s an illuminating moisturizer, similar to MAC STROBE CREAM, with a warm golden tint. It’s nice and I’m enjoying the sample but I wouldn’t purchase it. I’ll stick to mixing my illuminating drops with my regular moisturizer. 

JOSIE MARAN ARGAN FINISHING BALM ($7)- this is another product that I’ve wanting to try. It’s comparable to the GLAMGLOW lotion except that its more subtle and pearly as opposed to golden. You can use this as an illuminating primer or as a cream highlighter on top of your other makeup. Again I like the sample but I wouldn’t buy it. Especially not for $36 for a half ounce.

BENEFIT WATTS UP SOFT FOCUS HIGHLIGHTER ($7)- this is yet another product that I’ve wanted to try! It’s a cream to powder highlighter similar in formula to a Colourpop highlighter but it’s easier to apply. It’s a pretty champagne gold color and I love how it looks on the cheekbones.

BOBBI BROWN CREAM SHADOW STICK in GOLDEN PINK ($18)- this is a nice sized sample, .03oz compared to the .05oz full size version. It’s a rose gold color that applies and blends nicely. I like using these shadow sticks as a base for my lid color. Although I do have a lot of similar products that are nearly the same color. I’ll probably use it for work.

LIVING PROOF FULL DRY VOLUME BLAST ($15)- this is a product that you spray on dry hair to add volume and texture. It’s not a dry shampoo so it doesn’t absorb oil but it does a nice job of reviving flat hair. I have super long hair (like bordering on sister wife territory at times) so it has a tendency to get flat because it’s so heavy. This is a nice sized sample and I like the product. 
And the perfume sample was CHLOE FLEUR ($1)- I can’t get down with the floral scents. They smell way too ‘old lady’ for my liking. But I still enjoy getting to sample different scents every month. 

SEPHORA PLAY is $10 a month and this month’s value is around $55! Normally Sephora Play is in the 30 dollar range as far as value. I was really happy with this month’s product selection. I got to try three products that I’ve been curious about and I’m enjoying everything that they included. If you’re a regular reader, you might recall that I was contemplating cancelling Sephora Play after the lackluster products I received in February’s bag. Well now Sephora is back in my good graces! And they’re looking especially appealing after the horrendous IPSY and POPSUGAR boxes I got this month. Here’s hoping April is just as impressive!

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