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Meet the newest addition to the MAKEUP GEEK lippie family… THE SHOWSTOPPER CREME STAINS!!

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Okay so these babies will retail for $12 each, or you can get all 18 shades $150 ($216 if purchased separately). These are LIMITED EDITION but MAKEUP GEEK does a good job at keeping products around for long enough that everyone is able to get them. And they give plenty of notice before discontinuing a product for good. They come packaged in light weight plastic tubes and they don’t have a scent, that I can detect. They contain .19oz of product and there’s 18 different shades.

Let’s start with the more cool toned half!

MAMBO, CHA CHA and BUNNY HOP are their 3 brighter pinks. MAMBO is the deepest and the brightest. CHA CHA is midtoned and more muted in comparison. BUNNY HOP is the lightest of the three and more cool toned.

MOONWALK and ARABESQUE are fairly similar orchid shades. MOONWALK is more pink and ARABESQUE is more lavender.

GRAPEVINE and CHARLESTON are their two purples. GRAPEVINE is well named since it really is a bright grape purple. CHARLESTON is a little darker and more muted with subtle brown undertones.

ELECTRIC SLIDE and TWERK are the two dark and dramatic shades. ELECTRIC SLIDE is a deep royal purple that reminds me of ABH POTION. TWERK is a deep dark forest green.

I’ve got tell you guys… I’m 100% in love with this formula! These are what I think of as a true stain. Meaning they’re so light weight that I honestly forget that I’m wearing them. But more on that in a minute! My initial favs from this set are MOONWALK, ARABESQUE, CHA CHA and CHARLESTON.

And part two of the new lip stains… brights and chocolatey nudes!

Okay so formula… they’re described as having a ‘smooth matte finish that leaves lips feeling light’. That sounds like a pretty accurate description to me! I wouldn’t describe the formula as watery but it is thin and light. It’s very easy to apply and correct as long as you fix any ‘uh-ohs’ before the formula sets completely. I’d say it takes about 10 seconds to dry down to a completely transfer proof matte. The formula is opaque and you only need a minimal amount of product for complete coverage. They’re not shiny or sticky and you can’t see the color of your lips through them. I’ve only had them for a day now and I’ve been wanting to try as many colors as possible so I can’t say for sure how long they last but I would guess at least an easy 4- 6 hours. The formula is so light weight that I forget that I’m wearing it.  Again, I’ve been changing colors every few hours but so far they haven’t felt overly drying to me. The applicator allows for precise application but it doesn’t pick up much product so I did have to redip a bunch of times. However I only used one of the wands as I want to use these for work, so I used disposables.

DO-SI-DO, QUICKSTEP and WALTZ fall into the chocolatey nude category. DO-SI-DO is a lightest. QUICKSTEP and WALTZ are maybe three shades darker than DO-SI-DO. WALTZ is warmer and QUICKSTEP is more cool toned. CURTSEY and FOXTROT are more peachy nudes. On my skin (NC35), FOXTROT is the perfect ‘your lips but better’ nude. CURTSEY has more apricot tones and FOXTROT is more pink.

JITTERBUG and TANGO are bright melon shades. JITTERBUG is lighter and more peach and TANGO is darker and more red. SALSA is a bright tomato red and FLAMENCO is a bright red with subtle orange undertones. It’s one of those perfect reds that flatters almost everyone.

My, hands down, favorite from this second set is FOXTROT. I also love DO-SI-DO, QUICKSTEP, JITTERBUG and SALSA. So basically… all of them!
I love this formula way more than I expected and I think they’re very reasonably priced at $12. They’re some of the most comfortable, long wearing matte lipsticks that I’ve ever tried and since they are LE, I’m going to need backups of about 10 out of the 18 shades. So what do you guys think??? Will you be picking up any of the SHOWSTOPPERS when they drop later today??


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