Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powders

The following products were purchased and we are not affiliated with the brand.

Through the years I have followed Mac Daddy’s career (aka Angel Merino for the rest of muggles) and obviously when he launched his highlighter brand “Artist Couture” I jumped the gun and little by little have been amassing my own little stash of glow powders.

The powders contain 4.5g of product which is a lot, they retail for $27 and what I’ve done is buy them with a friend and split the powder. And even so, there is a LOT to go around.. you can buy them at their site HERE

I apply these with a fan brush dipping them on the edge of the sifter and tapping the excess on the lid, proceed to apply on the high points and glow like them gurus on the instagrams do! glow besh gloooowww! (I’d like to think I have an alter ego that comes out when I have highlight on, she screams everything and throws things on the floor, refers to other mortals as “peasants”. I don’t know her name, she terrifies me).

MERMAID FANTASY: green – teal glow but fret not, you scared of color person, you: you can sheer this out and mix it with gold for dimension – OR just wear that green in your face cause YOLO.

YAS: a rose gold.

SUPERNOVA: duo chrome amethyst – violet

ILLUMINATI: bright champagne gold

COCO BLING: white gold

DOUBLE TAKE: This one is one of my favorites!! similar to Saucebox Phoenix kiss, this is a peach pink duochrome.

Im due for another haul of these, which shades do you have and recommend?
More pics: 

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