In the past few months COLOURPOP has released a pressed shadow in every shade of peach and coral known to man. How similar are they and which ones do you need? Let’s figure it out!

Okay so zeee shimmers! 

PEP TALK is the lightest. It’s a pale peachy champagne very similar to MUG IN THE SPOTLIGHT. I know there’s also similar shades in a lot of the MORPHE palettes. 

Next up we have BOUQUET TOSS. It’s a shade or two darker than PEP TALK and it’s more pink.  

TAKE A BREAK is a more apricot toned peach. I think it might be similar to MUG I’M PEACHLESS.

TIME OUT is in between BOUQUET TOSS and TAKE A BREAK in terms of color. It’s more peach than BOUQUET TOSS and more pink than TAKE A BREAK.

SAUVAGE is a peachy pink duochrome similar to MUG MAI TAI and a million other colors. It’s brighter and more pink than TIME OUT.

And last but not least we have COME AND GET IT. It’s a pinky gold duochrome but it also has some subtle purple tones when compared to other pinky golds like MUG WILDFIRE and HUDA ANGELIC.

All six of these shadows perform really nicely so my top recommendations are COME AND GET IT, BOUQUET TOSS and TAKE A BREAK because I think they’re slightly more unique than the others. 

On to the mattes! So let me start out by saying that SLIM FIT and CENTERFOLD are not eye safe. What does that mean? Certain dyes are not fda approved for use on the eyes. It’s not all that uncommon. As I mentioned yesterday, some of the shadows in the UD ELECTRIC PALETTE aren’t eye safe. I use them on my eyes all the time but I don’t have a sensitivity to dyes. However I’d never use them on a client and my advice to you is ‘proceed with caution’. You’re not going to lose an eye or anything but they might irritate or stain your skin. Moving on.

SLIM FIT is the most orange. 

MAKING MOVES and CUT-OUTS are similar. MAVING MOVES is a little lighter and brighter and more pink. CUT-OUTS is slightly deeper and more muted and has a bit more orange to it.

FLOWER BOY is the most pink. CENTERFOLD and WAIT FOR IT are also very similar. CENTERFOLD is a little lighter and brighter and pulls a teeny bit more pink and WAIT FOR IT isn’t quite as bright and is slightly more orange.

All six colors are slightly different but I don’t think you need all of them. I think my favorites are FLOWER BOY, CUT-OUTS and WAIT FOR IT but I just got the new shades yesterday so I might change my mind once I use them more. Hopefully this helps you guys with your shopping decisions. While none of these shades are exactly the same, a lot of them are so close that I doubt you’d be able to tell the difference on the eyes. Now I wait for my pink order to arrive!

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