Highlighter Hauls Part 1: Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid, SIN and FIREBALL

The following items were purchased, some links are affiliates.

The Naked Skin Highlighting Fluids from Urban Decay came out on VIB ROUGE early sale for 24 hours, and nothing gets a highlighter addict like myself to buy anything like the illusion of getting anything earlier than anyone, the feeling of exclusivity that Sephora manages well and makes me forget I already have tons of products of this sort and quite possibly, better.

If you wish to purchase any of these, you can do so HERE which is our affiliate link, thus supporting the blog, though I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t because these things were horrible.

First let me say that I LOVE Urban Decay for the most part: their bronze BB balm is my go to in the summer, god knows I have most of their palettes and single shadows, even as I seldom use them (Ive become a custom palette hoe during the last few years, Ang’s influence in my life probably), when they released their powder highlighters  I was quick to get SIN and Fireball and loved them – I have been using Sin only recently replacing its use with Jouer Citrine or Colourpop Flexitarian when I want other worldly glow. The liquid version came out so I must have it because I have now made my peace that I don’t buy clothes or shoes, I buy makeup and wear the same black concert tees and kicks/docs for everything. (side note: literally my mother asked if years from now when she dies, if I will be wearing the same thing to her funeral… I answered yes.)

I think I go harder on a brand when there has been previous love.

Sin which is a bright champagne gold shade took about 5 layers to even take any hint on my skin, and don’t get me wrong: not everyone likes stepping out their house as a small beacon of light – but these are being marketed as highlighters when in reality they are more like illuminating primers. They come with a wand applicator (Angela already reviewed hers here)  suggesting targeted application to the high points (as a highlighter) but the formula is very light and has only slight pigmentation so if you truly want the shade FIREBALL is known to be (Pink/Peach shift) you might as well layer it with its homologue powder highlighter.

One layer of it only allows for a wash of shimmer – which is not what SIN was known for in  my kingdom.

Here I compared it with the powder version – ONE SWIPE of powder only gave me what the fluid took about 5 layers to achieve. I recommend these for more subtle highlighting effects and def to layer your powder with. The formula itself is not viscous enough to make for easy application or layering with itself , it tends to look streaky if you reapply. I am probably returning them since I have better – not so shimmery highlighting primers and illuminators.

More pictures on the same swatches 

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