Lime Crime Hi-Lite Opals Palette

The following was sent to us for review but we are not affiliated with the company, my opinions are my own.


This pretty sight arrived last week and Ive been mesmerized with its holographic packaging.. always a sucker for all things opalescent, I think I’ve played with the outer box shifting cover more than with the palette itself teheeee!! I feel like a gem obsessed goblin!.

To the review before I go back to stare at it: the palette retails for $38 and its sold at Lime Crimes website – no word if its being stocked at other stockists. It contains 0.75ox / 21g (corresponding to 3 highliters containing 0.25oz/7g each).

The shades are very simplistically called “Pink, Gold and Peach” and each has that iridescent white base that is great when layered over other shades to shadeshift them. I liked the shades a lot, however I feel these are already been released in other brands (mostly Indies hit the nail in the head like Looxi, Devinah, PatMcGrath, ABH, Kat von D..) everyone is jumping in the bandwagon so what I could take from this is the practicality of having the most commonly liked shades in a palette of their own – easier to carry than say Kat Von D’s or palettes with pans on them.

Formula wise I felt they weren’t powdery, they seamlessly blended onto my skin over prepped face with foundation and over my moisturized hand. You do get a larger pansize on these and these don’t have glitter – which is one of my personal nonos – no glitter on the hair or face – the lids are an exception as I could pile 3 dif types of glitter on them and possibly need more.

Overall it’s a nice pretty palette, the shades aren’t novelty but we are seeing these all over the stratosphere so if you are into pretty packaging, this definitely takes the cake. Swatches are on my skin (left NC30) and on my Cuz (right, NC42).

The fact that it says opals makes me think this might be the first of many… 

One comment

  1. I’ve been so undecided about this palette! I was really interested in the Peach shade, but from a lot of what I’m seeing it’s the weakest shade out of the three. I’ve also been looking at Devinah’s Zion and Zanna highlighters and I wonder how they compare to Lime Crime’s peach shade. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations?


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