Stila spring 2017 liquid eyeshadows 

These were purchased but the post contains affiliate links. 

Angela reviewed these already here but I’ll post my thoughts up anyway cause I roll like that howbowdat (ok I’ll stop). 

Every time there is something glittery duochromy and pretty to put on the lids I get so suckered in. Stila Cosmetics dropped these last week and I was quick to purchase them even as I almost never wear blue lids – well maybe i can pair the blue w green.. hmm anyway here’s my thoughts: 

INTO THE BLUE: the formula on this one was the thickest and easiest to apply evenly, it’s got a blue purple base with a purple and pink glitter shift. I liked it even as I don’t like blue eyeshadows. 

SUNSET COVE: this was the prettiest!!! It’s a pink base with teal and gold shift. The formula was thin and hard to get even on a large area like this swatch on my arm but on a small area like a lid you can probably concentrate the glitter better. This is very similar to Beauty Escape Cosmetics  “CASSIOPEIA” (SHOP HERE – not affil) which will cost you a fraction of the prize and you can just foil with a wet brush. 

SEA SIREN: this is a violet with light green and teal sparkle. The formula was runny and hard to even out. Def use these under a base/primer to contain the glitters and give a more even application as this swatch was made on a bare arm. OVERALL: I liked them, I will use them, the formula is not the best but I can make it work for small areas on the eye as accents. These type of product is growing on me because of the ease of use and applicators (getting glitter glue out of my brushes isn’t fun) the moment someone like Inglot or MUG or ColourPop Make liquid glitters I’ll prob lose my shit… 

You can purchase at STILA HERE or at SEPHORA HERE

More pics in different lighting:

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