Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighters. 

The following items were purchased but the links are affiliated. 

The word Prismatic has been thrown around lately A LOT. That, and 

holographic. Let’s get the word Prismatic out of the way cause this means having the form of a prism with varied colors (usually a prism would have a bunch of cuts of glass where the light cuts through and reflects in many other colors…) the only thing prism-like here is the press pattern on these. 

 I feel I’ve been infected with the Too Faced – strict criticism bug that has since bitten Angela, but I wasn’t even into TF until Ang got me into them (circa Vegas Nay collab) and I fell hard for the smooth formula and luxurious texture, for the feminine packaging and pretty names.  It was a short affair and it seems the love grew stale.  It’s not you Too Faced, it’s me.  

I’ve gotten used to much more pigmented stuff, smoother textures for less, and your antics of pretty packaging are grasping at the last of our love but I’m just not happy anymore and I’ve strayed. 

Let’s get to the product. 

The casing on these is a plastic heart with a metallic finish, it’s gorgeous if unpractical to store, with a mirror inside. 

I purchased these directly from Sephora HERE but you can also get them at Too Faced HERE

The shades are pretty but nothing we have not seen before, the formula was a bit on the dry side which allowed for the pearls to disperse a bit over the intended areas. 

YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE is a true gold 

RAY OF LIGHT is a rose gold and the prettiest of the lineup in my opinion. 

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT:  it’s described as a champagne gold but I thought it was quite silver and cooler toned than your standard champagne shade. It’s pretty, don’t get me wrong but I mistook the word Prismatic and naively expected at least a duochrome. 

Too Faced is slowly becoming that boyfriend that gets you expensive gifts but puts them on your credit card, That invites you over for a dinner and a movie but you show up to a Netflix and chill type of bamboozle… a lot of hoopla to just fall flat at the end, and I’m frankly too old to get suckered in anymore.  I am calling it quits you handsome old friend, pretty packaging can only take you half of the way.  

More pictures of these below


  1. I feel you hit the nail on ge head with the shady boyfriend reference! I fell in love with the Vegas Nay collab, but it seems the brand has fallen flat since then with patchy, dry powder formulas and a limited color selection. Gorgeous packaging, but I’m skipping. : (


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