As you guys know, I love indie cosmetics. Especially a few brands in particular, one of them being BEAUTY ESCAPE COSMETICS. This post is going to be a swatch library of their ENTIRE COLLECTION OF EYESHADOWS!!! Wahoo! Her shadows come in 26mm magnetic pans and are $6.50 each. We have a non-affiliate code: BEAUTYCULT that will save you 15% off of your order. So without further ado, let’s do this!

Okay so we’re starting with the mauvey tones. Gah! I want to wear all of these colors on my eyes every day! Love! 

AMORA has been around for awhile but it’s new to me and holy shit! I don’t know how I survived this long without it in my life! It’s a deep mauve with berry undertones. SERPENS is one of her new shades. It’s also a deep mauve but it’s has taupe undertones and a bluish shift. CARINA is pinky mauve with teal shimmer and a blue shift. 

TEA IN THE AFTERNOON is mauvey brown with a satin finish and blue shimmer. HARLEY GRACE is a pale mauvey pink with a hint of blue shimmer.

These colors are right up my alley so I definitely need all of them but if I were going to narrow it down for someone else, I’d say CARINA for sure then maybe you could choose between AMORA and SERPENS. TEA IN THE AFTERNOON and HARLEY GRACE are a perfect combination so you should really get both. Seriously look at those two colors and tell me that they aren’t perfect together!

Let’s talk about these reds! CHI LYN is a deep reddish brown with a satin finish. I’d compare it to MUG SHOWTIME. 

BITE THE APPLE is shimmery pinky cranberry. I’d forgotten how gorgeous this one is.

TAURUS is one of her new shades. It’s an iridescent red with blue shimmer. PHOENIX is also new and it’s one hell of a duochrome. It’s shifts between red, orange, gold and pink.

And last but not least we have BLAZING INFERNO, a firey red copper.

As I’ve mentioned a zillion times, BEC makes bomb ass eyeshadows. They’re seriously awesome. I love them and I know you will too. Out of these five my favs are CHI LYN, BITE THE APPLE and PHOENIX.

 Lots of lavender pinky goodness up next! VOLANS is one of her new duochromes and LOTUS is actually one the eyeshadows that was included in my very first package from her almost a year ago!

SCORPIUS is a pale lavender with tons of gold shimmer. LOTUS is a light silvery lavender with a subtle green shift. 

VOLANS is a pale pinky lavender with a shimmery gold and green shift. I’d kinda forgotten about MORNING SPRITE which is a damn shame because it’s beautiful!! It’s a pinky fuchsia with a blue shift and pink and purple glitter. Think MAC STARS N ROCKETS mixed with UD TONIC.

 CYGNUS is a bright violet with a blue shift.

Hmmmm… alright so must haves… it’s pretty subjective since they’re all nice. Definitely MORNING SPRITE and I’d say either VOLANS or SCORPIUS. But I’ve gotten a lot of use out of LOTUS too. Pinks, purples and reds are always hard for me because they’re my favorites. 

More pinks! I know that I say this every time but these are some of favorites from her line. And all five could double as highlighters depending on your skin tone.

LYRA has a white base with reddish pink reflects. SAGITTARIUS is a pale pinky lavender.

LEO is one of her new shades. It’s a light peachy pink that I think is pretty similar to ABH BLUSHING. CEPHEUS is a light pinky orange with a lilac shift.

I’m actually already on my second PEGASUS, I’ve used it that much. It’s a pinky copper with gold shimmer.

You know what’s weird? I friggin love these eyeshadows and I don’t even like green eye makeup. But BEC does greens so well, it makes me want to rethink my position.

WICKED is the blackened hunter green. EMERALD CITY is a deep blue green. SIRENS LULLABY is in between aqua and seafoam green. It has a pinky lavender shift that wasn’t picking up on camera today. PISCES is a bright spring green with tons of shimmer. DARK FOREST is a shimmery dark green.

Stand outs for me are SIRENS LULLABY and PISCES. And of course EMERALD CITY. And actually DARK FOREST is much more pretty in person than it is in these pics. And the formula is perfect. Not too creamy but also not the slightest bit powdery. It glides over skin effortlessly, leaving behind the perfect amount of pigment.

  Ahhhhhhh! More purple!! EVIL QUEEN is a deep neutral purple, not too warm and not too cool. ALINA is also a deep purple but it’s more vibrant and has red undertones. It reminds me of PROMISCUOUS from the MELT COSMETICS ‘LOVE SICK’ STACK. 

HYDRA is one of her new shades. It’s in between lavender and periwinkle and it has a gorgeous pink shift. IANTHE is a deep blue based violet. PETUNIA is a medium smoky blue with purple undertones.

Out of these five, my top recommendations are HYDRA and ALINA.

These eyeshadows are as beautiful as queen Nefertiti to me. I want to build a pyramid for them with my bare hands and every block of it would be another reason for why I love them. Whaaaaa…?? Okay moving on.

MALEFICENT is a deep navy blue and plum duochrome. PAVO is a deep burgundy with a heavy gunmetal overlay. POSEIDON’S FURY is a light aqua and shimmery gold with a green shift. DARK & STARRY NIGHT is a deep cobalt blue with a rainbow of microglitter.

 ARTEMIS is deep blue brown duochrome with teal microglitter. This is a more ‘chunky’ eyeshadow. It has larger pigment particles, the kind that you’d associate with a pressed pigment. It’s great for dramatic eye looks but it’s going to perform better wet or over a glitter adhesive to prevent fallout.

No favorites here. All five are unique and special and equally dope in their own way

These warm metallics make me want to lay out in sun with a giant margarita. Anyone else? Well I suppose a margarita goes with any makeup really… 

SUN WITCH is a warm orangey copper. MOTHER GOTHEL and STEPMOTHER are from her SINISTER COLLECTION. MOTHER GOTHEL is a warm brassy gold and STEPMOTHER is an ultra metallic silver that’s almost wet looking. 

LORELEI is a deep burnished copper that also sold as a highlighter for deep skin tones. MARS SUMMER is light metallic orange that’s made for blue eyes. It would look good on any eye color, I wear it all the time but I especially love colors like this on blue eyes.

My top picks from this set are SUN WITCH, LORELEI and MARS SUMMER. 

This next set was such a pain in the ass to swatch. These shades are absolutely in the same color family but for some reason, side by side, they photograph more similarly than they actually are. Sigh. 

NIBBLE, NIBBLE, GNAW and AQUILA are the two that are the most alike. They’re both ultra metallic rose golds. NIBBLE, NIBBLE, GNAW is more sparkly and a little more taupe. AQUILA has a pinky duochrome shift. 

ORION is warmer than the rest with orange undertones. It also has tons of blue microglitter.

ANDROMEDA has a light rose gold base with a light gold and green overlay and a pink shift. 

THE HUNTSMAN is a rosy copper with mauve undertones. The formula of this one is really exceptional. It’s incredibly pigmented and creamy.
My favorite from this set is THE HUNTSMAN and I also love ANDROMEDA and AQUILA. 

Guess what guys?? We’ve reached the end! I thought I’d wrap things up with more gorgeous purples!

ARIES is a blackened plum. 

THUNDERBIRD is a deep purple with blue undertones and silver microglitter.

CASSIOPEIA is a bright lavender with a gold shift. OPHIUCHUS is a smoky lavender with pink undertones and a grayish shift. 

COLUMBA is a vibrant violet with red undertones and a blue shift. 

Out of this final set, my favorites are CASSIOPEIA and OPHIUCHUS.

I hope that this post was helpful for you guys and that you’ll give BEAUTY ESCAPE COSMETICS a try if you haven’t already. She’s one of the best indies that I’ve ever tried and I recommend her eyeshadows and highlighters 110%! Oh and don’t forget to use our discount code BEAUTYCULT to save 15%! This is not an affiliate code and I’m not being compensated in anyway. My love for BEC is pure!! My next side project will be swatching her entire highlighter collection! So expect that post in a month or so and watch my progress on Instagram!

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