So I know I’m late to the party here. Em swatched this for you guys like a week ago and you’ve probably seen it a zillion and one times since but nonetheless! I’m here to give you my thoughts and feelings on this baby! First zee deets! This palette is limited edition and sold at SEPHORA for $40. You get 6 full sized highlighters (4.5g/.16oz each) for a total weight of 27g/.96oz. Not too shabby! For reference an average single highlighter like Becca etc is usually 7-8g, so this palette equals about three of those. This palette is cruelty free and vegan but it is made in China. Quick FYI… products made in China aren’t required to be tested on animals. That only concerns products being sold there.

For the sake of full disclosure, let me preface this review by saying ABH is one of my ‘pet’ brands. You know… one of those brands that you just love unconditionally. A brand that can do no wrong in your eyes. A brand where you feel personally victimized when someone else doesn’t like them. I feel like that about MUG, my indies and ABH. Not that I’m on pr or anything (I fucking wish). I bought this palette and all of my other Anastasia products myself. I just love them. Also collabs have been getting a terrible rep lately, mostly for good reason (I’m looking at you, Power Of Makeup) but ABH is one brand that knows how to do a collab. I believe this is their 5th (Amrezy, Mya Mia, Tamanna, Mario… am I forgetting anyone?) and they’ve all been fantastic. So I think you’re getting the picture that I like this palette.  Overall the formula is very metallic and feels very dense and creamy. Applied heavily it gives an almost wet looking highlight. I’d compare it to the MUG highlighters (the regular ones not the duochrome). There is some glitter but it’s not overly obvious when you blend them out. But they are dramatic highlighters that aren’t for the faint of heart. Okay let’s talk colors!

KITTY CAT is a peachy pink with a silver sheen.

FOREVER YOUNG is an ultra metallic champagne with pink undertones.

DAYDREAM is an orangey peach and the only shade in the palette with obvious glitter. When you apply it with a highlighter brush the glitter pretty much blends away but not completely. 

FOREVER LIT was one of the shades that I was worried about. It’s a platinum white with a subtle blue shift (very similar to LOOXI WHITE NOISE, me thinks). It felt very thick when I swatched it so I was expecting it to be chunky. But surprise, surprise it applied beautifully with a highlighter brush. 

The last two GLO GETTER and 143 were the only ones that bothered me a bit. Not because they aren’t pretty or the formula isn’t good but because they’re really similar, at least on me. They’re both rose golds but 143 is a smidgen darker and GLO GETTER is a teeny bit more pink. 

I like every shade in this palette. The last two are a little bit too dark for me, this time of year but I’m planning on mixing in a little bit of FOREVER LIT to lighten them up. This is a palette that I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of. I’d recommend it to anyone with a medium skin tone who likes a super metallic highlight. If you’re at either end of the skin tone spectrum, I’d say swatch it in SEPHORA first. It may not be worth it to you if you can only use 2 or 3 of the shades. I’m glad that I decided to buy it and I’m also happy to be writing a good review after a bunch of disappointing products.

Have you picked this up yet??


  1. Thank you for this article, and for your recommendations ! Do you know if you’ll have time to find dupes for this palette ? I love like two or three shades but I don’t think that I should buy the palette, eventhough it’s beautiful !


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