POPSUGAR is a $39 a month subscription box for women that includes beauty, accessories and lifestyle products. I’ve gotten POPSUGAR for around three years now and I feel confident in saying that this is… THE WORST BOX EVER!!!! Do you hear that, popsugar??? Worst. Box. EVER!!!! Alright. Let’s talk about this pile of crap. 

KATE SPADE PHOTO ALBUM  ($20)- Okay. So this is cute but who prints out photos anymore??? Seriously who? Because I can’t think of anyone that I could possibly pawn this off on and trust me, I’ve been racking my brain. Sigh.

STEPHANIE JOHNSON CAMERA CROSSBODY BAG ($45) – seriously? A translucent red plastic purse? Wtf am I supposed to do this? Why was this even manufactured? Why???? And $45? Stephanie Johnson, you are out of your damn mind. That is all.

SUNNYLIFE ECO LUNCH BOX WATERMELON ($18) – sigh. Obviously I’m not in elementary school anymore. I mostly work from home and I haven’t packed a lunch in approximately 100 years. But I’ll use this for little pigment jars or something.

SMASHMALLOW CINNAMON CHURRO ($4) – I don’t like marshmallows.

THRIVE COSMETICS BRILLIANT EYE BRIGHTENER in STELLA ($24)-okay. So this I’ll use. My eyes are entirely too close together so I live for a strong inner corner highlight. Stella is a bright champagne color that blends out nicely. This is the second item that I’ve gotten from THRIVE COSMETICS in a popsugar box and I’ve liked both. 

VELVET EYEWEAR $25 GIFT CARD- the sunglasses on this site are mostly in the $175 range. Right. There were a few that were $55 but I won’t be using this gift card.
POPSUGAR is $39 a month and this month’s value is either $111 or $139 depending on whether you include the value of the gift card. The only items I’ll use are the watermelon box and the eye highlighter. Normally I don’t mind when there’s a few items that I won’t use because they’re usually great gifts. Unfortunately I can’t think of anyone that I hate enough to give them that stupid purse. Looks like it’s going in the donation box. And last month was soooooo good! Grrrr! Time to step up it up popsugar. Because one more box like this and you’re getting the boot too!

One comment

  1. You couldn’t pay me to carry around that purse!!! So funny. But not so funny if I got it myself know what I’m saying? Just funny from an outside perspective! lol sorry. Know any 12 year olds? They might like it! Or strippers. They like clear shit. 12 year olds and strippers, that’s the demographic they were going for! Anyway you should maybe shoot them an email about this shitty box. Hopefully they take feedback into consideration.


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