ColourPop Nectar Collection – Spring Phase 1- swatches. 

The following were received as press samples. 
Spring is here!!!!!! (Almost. Someone tell the snow blizzard hitting us tonight that spring is here and there is no need for bad sportsmanship). 

And with it pastels, flower prints, lighter hair, some sun, and a ton of makeup collections with this in common: COLOR! 

ColourPop doesn’t play with their releases, playing the monochromatic trend, they are releasing three phases of their spring collections and the first one is called NECTAR. 

The other two shades are yet to be announced but we suspect one is a pink themed release.  Bring it on ColourPop! 

This is going to be a first impressions post, with pictures and thoughts on the shades. I have not worn these on my face yet and I have not compared them either. Also earlier when I did a ton of comparisons with liquid lipsticks on the IG live session, they stained my arms and taking them off irritated my arms so I’m holding off on more swatching until at least tomorrow. 

The stuff!

THE KNOCKOUT: This is the face palette being released, it has the first pressed blush and a highlighter. 

The blush is a matte peach shade while the highlighter is  gold but has a slight peach tint on it. 

Already I can tell this is part of my favorite items because this gold is almost a duochrome and I will work for duochromes all day everyday. 

The pressed shadows come in a palette and 2 extra shadows that are single (only one was sent on the PR package but I have some pics of the other one, courtesy of ColourPop. 

The palette is the same as the current empty palette design with the stars and purple inside, however this time there is an orange sleeve with the name of the quad: BLOW ME AWAY. 

The shades:

Cut-offs: is one of the single shades and it’s a dark peach in a matte finish. 

The quad:

SLIM FIT: this is an almost neon coral nectarine. 

CENTERFOLD: this is a light peach pink in a matte finish. 

ISSUES : This was my least favorite as I found it a bit chalky on swatch; I would prob use this as a base for my eye look instead of actively featuring the shade since it’s very very light. 

TAKE A BREAK: is a champagne gold with a light peach undertone. Will prob make a great highlighter. 

More pictures on different lighting:

SAUVAGE: is a duochrome shade with pink and purple it seems. This was not sent over but ColourPop posted some IG stories so I snagged these stills:

Moving on. 

There’s super shock stuff too!! And the blush is prob my favorite out of the gang. Also FLIPPER IS BACK! You heard that! Peach golds are in! 

I’m adding another set of pictures on different lighting so you form a better idea of these shades 

The lip products are also in the same family of peach shades and I will eventually compare to the previous peach release. 

The first two a cremes and I’m loving this formula so these two are welcome in my reign.  The satins is my other favorite formula so altogether these will be rocked by me continuously, I love a moist lip as of late. 

More pics in dif light:

There is an ultra matte that was not sent: 

Now, I feel this collection was missing a gloss in this shade… but maybe I get away with a gold gloss on top of these!?! We shall see. 

Altogether, I feel it’ll have a lot of appeal, these types of shades are fun to rock even if you are a neutral wearer, you’ll find something in this collection to spruce your spring look. 

Dropping tomorrow at 10 am pst!

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