The following items are press samples and our discount code is affiliate based. 

This Friday March 10 at 9am PST (12pm EST), LOOXI BEAUTY is releasing 12 new matte eyeshadows and 5 new highlighters. The eyeshadows are $5 ($4.50 with the discount) and the highlighters range from  $7.50- $16.50 ($6.75- $14.85 with the discount). Our discount code is BEAUTYCULT10 and it will save you 10%. If you choose to use this code, we’ll earn a commission on that sale. Oh and the whole collection is VEGAN!! Okay where to start… let’s do the highlighters first!

There’s 3 different options when buying a LOOXI highlighter. You can get the 37mm pan only for $7.50. You can also get the smaller pan in an interchangeable mirrored compact for $12. And then the huge compacts are $16.50.

HONEY is warm amber gold, ideal for tan to deep skin tones. Rumor has it that it’s a dupe for MAC MY MIMI. This one is too dark for me to highlight with but I’ll definitely be using it on my eyes!

GUILTY PLEASURE and MIMOSA are in the same warm champagne gold family. GUILTY PLEASURE is slightly darker (and a dupe for MAC WOG). MIMOSA is a little lighter and more peach. They’re both perfect spring and summer highlighters for a golden glow.

Okay so here’s a photo in low light for more perspective. FALLEN is actually a reformulated shade, unfortunately I don’t own the original so I don’t know how they compare. But let me tell you, FALLEN is doooooope! I love it. And I swear it looks different every time I see it. The swatches you’re looking at were applied with a shader brush. You can (and should) use all of these on your eyes as well. So applied heavily FALLEN is an antique taupe with green and gold shimmer. Applied with a highlighter brush the color shifts between gold, silver, taupe and beige depending on your skin tone and how lightly or heavily you apply it. And on the lighting and angle, of course. It’s a really special highlighter.

Here it is blended out.

WHITE NOISE is really cool too. At first glance, it’s a bright pearly white but from different angles and types of light you can see how complex it really is. It has notes of silver and gold, a hint of pink shimmer and blue shimmer. It’s gorgeous. The photos above and below were taken in low light and are slightly out of focus. That’s the only way I could get the shimmer to pick up on camera because it is quite subtle. 

My top highlighter picks are MIMOSA, FALLEN and WHITE NOISE.

And onto the shadows! Here we have 12 all new matte eyeshadows mostly inspired by roses in spring bloom. The eyeshadows come in magnetized pans and are packaged in sleeves.

LOOXI matte shadows are very soft and have nice pigmentation but have a tendency to be powdery (think Colourpop, Lorac etc). Personally I’ll take some shadow kick up any day if it means that I’ll get a smooth application.

Let’s start with my favorites! These colors are pure perfection to me.

 FIRST KISS is bright rosy red with subtle orange undertones. 

MADLY DEEPLY is a soft red toned mauve.

HEARTBREAKER is medium burgundy with brick red undertones 

Out of these next three, my favorite is LOVESTRUCK.

LAST DANCE is pale pink with slightly mauve undertones. It’s similar to MUG CONFECTION.

LOVESTRUCK is a muted salmon pink. The closest thing that I can think to compare it with is MUG TUSCAN SUN.

BLUEBELL is pastel lavender. I haven’t used it on my eyes yet but it didn’t swatch patchy at all which is basically a Christmas miracle for a shade like that. 

HONEYBUN is warm camel brown with subtle yellow undertones.

CUTIE PIE is a very pale peach.

BUTTERCUP is a soft pastel yellow. 

‘TILL DEATH is blackened brown. It looks black until you see it next to a true black then you can see the slight brown undertones. This just makes it a little softer and more forgiving, IMO.
OVER IT is dark bluish purple 

TAUPELESSLY DEVOTED is a deep charcoal brown.   

My top recommendations from the mattes are FIRST KISS, HEARTBREAKER, LOVESTRUCK, MADLY DEEPLY and HONEYBUN. What I like about these shadows is their pigmentation, the color selection and how easy they are to blend. I would recommend tapping off your brush before each application to prevent fall out. I’d also recommend building them up slowly because they are quite pigmented. Some constructive criticisms are that they’re soft and have a good bit of kick up. Also because they’re hand pressed, they’re going to be more delicate than a factory produced eyeshadow. Aka don’t go around slamming your palette into drawers or dropping it down the stairs. This isn’t a criticism exactly, more like additional advice. When blending these you’re going to want to be gentle. Don’t go ham with big brush or else the colors are likely to be more blown out and sheer then you want. These are soft shadows. Use a gentle hand and they’ll blend out perfectly.
There’s lots of good stuff here guys, so choose wisely. And a reminder this collection drops this Friday March 10 at 9am PST. And our affiliate code is BEAUTYCULT10.
Happy shopping!

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