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Alright guys, I just got these today so this is going to be a first impressions post. I can do an actual review in a few days if you want. I believe that these colors are only available on the STILA website right now but when I bought them I used the code INNERCIRCLE for 20% off so hopefully it’s still valid.

These are super glittery liquid eyeshadows with doe foot applicators. The formula is on the thin side. I didn’t find them to be watery but similar products that I’ve used (UD LIQUID MOONDUST in particular) have a slightly thicker consistency. Also the glitter particles are very fine. They dry down completely in maybe 20 seconds so you’ve got some time to work with them before they set. I would definitely recommend using a glitter glue to prevent fall out through out the day. I’d also recommend only using a tiny bit and then smoothing it with a small brush. If you use a lot, you could easily get a stark product line that will be nearly impossible to soften without making a mess. Glitter doesn’t exactly blend well.

SEA SIREN is a pinky lavender with tiny blue microglitter. It’s extremely similar to one of the eyeshadows in the LOTUS COLLECTION that Coffee break with Dani did with @itsse_sf.

 INTO THE BLUE is blue and purple duochrome with pink and blue glitter. And actually I think there’s an eyeshadow similar to this one in the LOTUS COLLECTION as well. 

SUNSET COVE is a silvery pink with gold and green glitter. 

So do I recommend? Eh… I don’t know yet. I think they’re gorgeous yet something is holding me back from being in love. In general I’m not crazy about liquid eyeshadows. Oh and I just swatched some INGLOT PIGMENTS last week and nothing measures up to them in my mind. I would say get one to try first before going ham and buying 5 colors. I think products like this are highly subjective so you could either love or hate them. Sorry I’m not more help, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about them yet… 

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