Plisse Lumiere de Chanel Vs Camelia de Chanel

The following were purchased but the link is affiliate.


I love my Chanel! maybe that little girl dream of being Marilyn got some of you, and that is what got you too; but I just loved Coco, her story was so empowering  and I remember growing up dreaming of owning Chanel #5 one day and to afford all the pretty things…

so now I secretly buy backups and bathe in my own small arsenal of Chanel powders mwahahaha…

to the point: if you missed Camelia, Plise Lumiere is almost the same thing, only less glittery.

Top is Plise Lumiere, bottom is Camelia.

that’s it – this was a quickie post since HotFireMakeup recommended me I posted for ya guys cause some of you missed it.

Left is Camelia, right is Plise 

If you want to buy this from Chanel you can do so HERE.

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