ColourPop Fooling Around and Baby Talk – Valentines collection must haves 

The following items were purchased. 

Why do I even post these, these have been sold out – petitioned for a come back – AND sold out again. Perhaps because sharing these swatches might help us find dupes as a collective? Because I want to brag a little that we made the restock happen? Because I want to brag a little that I snatched these FINALLYY!?!? …. idk but here are these hard to get shadows that are quickly becoming a mirage or sorts on my arm – I kept the swatches on them so long that they stained (they were so damn pretty); which leads me to think they will stain your eye. So my recomendation: use a primer. Even as ColourPop super shock shadows don’t need it, use one to have a layer between your eyes and these powerfully colourful pigments. 


meant as a matte, this dark magenta can be used as a blush or even on the lips. 

FOOLING AROUND: I thought this was a red but it is actually another dark magenta, this time with a lot of pink and silver shimmer. 

More swatches in different lighting: 

Think we can dupe them? Leave your comment as to what to compare it with, I’ll be doing some comparisons as well and posting soon. 

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