Looxi new highlighters: Duping Whisper of Gilt and My Mimi! 

The following Looxi products were sent early to us for review and the code is an affiliate. 

We’re eventually doing the swatches for this collection that drops March 3rd 2017, but I wanted to share all the stills from a little experiment I did comparing the new  highlighters from Looxi Beauty to the holy grails of the past and present: Whisper Of Gilt and My Mimi, both from Mac Cosmetics (discontinued). 

GUILTY PLEASURES on my NC30 skintone looks very similar to Heatwave, a smidge lighter than WHISPER OF GILT – once you blend it out there is no difference

More pictures in different types of lighting:

My mimi and HONEY (Looxi) are absolutely similar, althought a lot of you really only got mimi for the pattern on the compact (Angela’s words that I back up wholeheartedly, as I myself have barely touched the thing). So you can keep your MIMI Untouched and pristine and use Looxi’s and beat the hell out of it without gilt. (Pun intended). 

More pictures of the above on full siZe

Once these drop save 10% with our affil code: BEAUTYCULT10 – and keep posted for Angela and my swatches of the entire collection – this was just a peek to wet your beak. 

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