Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit – Swatches and dupe discussion.

This is available to shop at SEPHORA HERE.

Item was purchased but link is affiliate*. 
When this dropped at Sephora for presale for VIB and ROUGE, I debated it alllll day. I swear I did not have the slightest intention to buy it.

Then that night at 3am when Dragonia woke me up, in the midst of reading work emails half asleep where I saw my boss is giving me my annual raise bla bla I got hyped up and bought it. Angela doesn’t believe me I didn’t plan it.. but that’s my story and Im sticking to it!

This drops tomorrow at Sephora and I will update my post with the link once it does.

The Glow Kit comes with a peach pink glittery packaging with the name of the collaborator on top – can I come out of my closet saying I barely know Nicole but Ive seen her pictures now that the collab is out and she is a gorgeous girl with medium skintone so I’m  going to guess that she catered this to her med-tan tones which is usually the norm with collab – that doesn’t mean lighter or darker skinned babes cannot use, just that perhaps the peachier shades would be more of a blush or blush topper for a pale girl rather than an actual highlight.

The range in shades predominates in the Peach department with slight variations in tone and with a silver thrown in for good measure:

Kitty Kat: this is one of my favorite shades and its a pink based peach shade – meaning its got more pink in it. Similar shades: Colourpop Bouquet Toss (shadow), Coloupop Scrumptious (highlighter).

Forever Young: this is a champagne gold and you probably have a ton of other highlighters similar to this, Looxi High Society comes to mind.

Day DREAM: the peachiest shade of them all and a absolute stunner – but on my pale NC30 skintone this will be a blush topper. Looxi Rebel Rose is similar but Looxi’s is a duochrome

Forever Lit: this is a icy silver highlight and a wonder for the inner corner, it was a bit powdery. Colourpop Flexitarian is similar in shade but slightly warmer.

GLO GETTER: peach based gold with some bronze tones. Colourpop Butterfly beach comes close.

143: kids of the 90’s throwback! this actually means “I love you” for those of us who used beepers and would beep each other from school payphones.. this shade is similar to Glo Getter but with a slight darker peach and bronze base. it was too similar to the last one to justify being in the same palette although its gorgeous. Colourpop Iced is similar.


more pics of different lighting!



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