SEPHORA PLAY is a $10 beauty subscription box that exclusively features products that are sold at Sephora. Every month you get a bag, 5 samples and a perfume sample. Recently there’s been two- four different product variations. And they’ve also been including cuter bags in recent months. This month’s was a pink satiny drawstring bag.

You also get a card that you can use to redeem 50 beauty insider points in store.

Here’s the leaflet that they include which details the products. 

And here’s what I got this month…

CLINIQUE PEP-START HYDROBLUR MOISTURIZER ($5)- this is supposed to be a combination moisturizer and primer. I don’t care for it. It’s not hydrating enough for my skin and it doesn’t seem to absorb well. It feels like it leaves a residue on my face.

ORIGINS GINZING EYE CREAM ($10)- this is an eye cream with ginseng and coffee beans that’s supposed to depuff and make you look more awake. I likey! I don’t think my eyes are all that puffy but I felt like it filled in my lines a bit.

TOO FACED LIP INJECTION GLOSSY in MILKSHAKE ($5)- this a light beige lip gloss that’s supposed to make your lips look fuller. It doesn’t have much color and it kinda burns. Plus I’ve accepted the fact that I have no lips. I need a lot more help than what this lip gloss can provide.

BITE BEAUTY MULTISTICK in CASHEW ($10)- this is a multipurpose stick for your eyes, lips and cheeks. It’s a rosy taupe with brown undertones. I wouldn’t use it on my eyes but I loved it on my cheeks and lips. 

SEPHORA COLLECTION LASHCRAFT LENGTH & VOLUME MASCARA ($3.50)- this is a nylon infused mascara that washes off with just water. I like the wand and how easy it is to remove but it’s a little natural for my taste. I’ll use it though. 

TOM FORD NEROLI PORTOFINO ($2)- I love this scent! It’s very fresh and smells kinda beachy to me. If I ever run out of perfume samples, this is one that I’d consider purchasing.  
SEPHORA PLAY is $10 a month and this month’s value is around $35 which is about average for this box. I like the eye cream, BITE BEAUTY stick, mascara and perfume but I don’t care for the gloss or moisturizer. I’ve got mixed feelings about this box in the general. I feel like you mostly get GWP type stuff and I’m never really blown away with the products that I receive. I’m giving it one more month but if March isn’t really good, SEPHORA PLAY is getting the ax!


  1. Aaaah the Bite multi stick is totally worth the whole bag this month! Damn i wish I’d gotten that!!! I keep considering canceling this one every month but then I see stuff like that and hold off. (Yet I didn’t get that. so I’m stupid.)


  2. I know I dropped it after about 6 months. I never got anything I used, or wanted to try. It was always something I’ve already had from GlossyBox birchbix ipsy, allure beauty box or my many other script beauty boxes.


      • GlossyBox be LURING me back in every year with specials. I stop and start, and stop again. Curse you, those effn specials!! I used to love TestTube beauty seeing as they were only ones that consistently had full size items. Ipsy gave me Wrinkle stuff. EVERY month more Wrinkle stuff. Just because I’m 54 doesn’t mean I need it. They started that years ago. I guess only teenagers are supposed to buy their bags. Ahahaha Oh, and nude lipsticks. I don’t do nude. Anything.

        Ipsy is also bad about polishes. I am already a polish snob, most of the ones they send are cheap brands that I don’t/won’t use. Never did try Boxycharm.

        What I love in cheaper alternatives? Walmart, Target & Beauty Box 5 boxes. $5-$7-$10 month and the up side is, all items are available in store. (Not all are cosmetics items. I don’t do drugstore cosmetics either-allergic) You can’t beat that with a stick.


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