The following items were purchased.

Last week Colourpop released 10 new pressed shadows for spring. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… they need to knock it off! Enough already! They’re killing me! Moving on.

I bought 9 of 10 new shades plus one old shadow, PAPER TIGER. The only new shade that I didn’t get was CHECKMATE, a matte seafoam green because I’d never use it. Okay let’s start with the greens!

TEAM CAPTAIN is a dark olive green with a matte finish.

SIDELINE is a bright grass green with yellow undertones and a subtle deep plum shift. 

UP AND UP is a green and teal duochrome.
PLAY BY PLAY is a gold and green duochrome 

GAME CHANGER is a silvery moss green with a metallic finish.

PAPER TIGER is a warm camel brown with yellow undertones.

THE NEWS is a medium salmon pink with a matte finish. 

TIME OUT is bright peachy pink with a metallic finish.
PEP TALK is a pale peachy pink with a metallic finish.

OUTTA LUCK is also a pale peachy pink. It’s basically the matte version of PEP TALK.

As always I love these shadows. The mattes are on the powdery side but they have great pigmentation and they blend with minimal effort. The metallics are rich, creamy and long wearing. So far I haven’t been disappointed in the formula of any of the Colourpop powder shadows. However I noticed this collection was very similar to some of  my Makeup Geek shadows. Comparison of the two coming up next!

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